NovAtel Launches Correct OEM Positioning Solution

November 11, 2013  - By
NovAtel Correct.

NovAtel Correct.

NovAtel, Inc., OEM provider of high-precision GNSS positioning products, has launched its NovAtel Correct positioning technology. NovAtel Correct optimally combines data from multiple GNSS satellite constellations with corrections from a variety of sources, to deliver the best position solution possible.

NovAtel Correct provides integrators with the opportunity to choose pricing and subscription options that best match their OEM business objectives. Delivery of correction data is available via satellite or Internet, depending on the requirements of the application. With NovAtel in control of the entire positioning solution, future innovation including seamless integration with all positioning modes and correction types is assured.

Designed for NovAtel’s OEM6 high-precision receivers, the NovAtel Correct precise point positioning (PPP) solution delivers decimeter-level accuracy worldwide. L-band delivered PPP corrections from TerraStar are supported by NovAtel Correct without users having to add base-station infrastructure. Developers of land, airborne and near shore applications can purchase subscriptions to TerraStar’s correction service directly through NovAtel.

“For a number of reasons, many of our customers have been eager for an end-to-end NovAtel OEM positioning service,” said Jason Hamilton, VP, Marketing for NovAtel. “NovAtel Correct rounds out our product and service offering and gives customers one-stop shopping for receivers, antennas and correction services.”

Satellite and NTRIP-based solutions will be available for OEM6 products in Q1 2014 for all applications requiring decimetre-level positioning.

NovAtel OEM628 triple-frequency +  L-Band GNSS receiver.

NovAtel OEM628 triple-frequency + L-Band GNSS receiver.