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New Trimble Products Focus on Geospatial Imagery

October 8, 2014  - By

Trimble introduced several new products at InterGeo 2014, being held this week in Berlin, with a focus on incorporating data from photographs and imagery into geospatial databases.

Trimble also offered an expanded GNSS portfolio for surveyors that includes the Trimble NetR9 Geospatial receiver; the Trimble Geo7X with Trimble Access field software onboard; and enhanced Trimble xFill functionality that provides continuous RTK level accuracy when paired with a Trimble CenterPoint RTX subscription. The new additions offer surveyors more flexibility in the field to meet a variety of work requirements. Learn more here.

Trimble-Inpho-6.0---Crossing-Linework-W Photo: Trimble

Photo: Trimble

Inpho version 6.0. Trimble announced a new version of its photogrammetric software suite, which provides highly automated workflows for photogrammetry and remote sensing professionals so they can process thousands of airborne images with high precision. Inpho version 6.0 increases efficiency by reducing project turnaround times and improves the quality of deliverables via new automated and interactive tools and satellite triangulation functionality.

A new satellite triangulation function in Inpho version 6.0 allows professionals to quickly generate deliverables from satellite imagery data and expand their capabilities, addressing the needs of industries such as environmental, forestry, agriculture and land management. Automatic tie point extraction and bundle block adjustment provides improved orientation of satellite images. The highly automated process results in a significant reduction in office processing time so projects can be delivered with quality precision in a shorter turnaround time.

Trimble-eCognition-Essentials-Agriculture-Mapping-W Photo: Trimble

Photo: Trimble

eCognition Essentials. eCognition Essentials is a new software solution for geospatial and remote sensing professionals performing land-cover mapping tasks using satellite imagery. eCognition Essentials offers an intuitive image analysis solution that allows users of all levels to quickly produce high-quality, Geographic Information System (GIS)-ready deliverables.

Leveraging core eCognition software technology, eCognition Essentials is easy to use with its simplified and intuitive interface. eCognition Essentials reduces analysis error as it applies predefined and structured rules to analyze and transform imagery data into relevant geospatial information. The new automated image analysis functions — such as image segmentation or sample-based classification — combined with a set of interactive tools for quality control offer users a streamlined workflow for quicker project turnaround times.

Trident version 7.0 is a new version of the mobile data analysis software designed to efficiently manage, interpret and extract features from digital images and point cloud data collected via land mobile systems. Enhancements in the new version significantly reduce the time required for geospatial professionals to transform land mobile sensor data into relevant geospatial information used in civil engineering, transportation and GIS mapping. In these applications, Trimble Trident can be used for surface modeling, roadway sign and pole detection, lane marking detection, edge and breakline detection, road geometry and clearance measurements.

Trident version 7.0 offers increased automation functionality to deliver results more quickly. Updated feature extraction tools within the software provide greater reliability and minimize manual editing and verification. Trident version 7.0 breakline detection routines now include a cross-sectional workflow for rapid and progressive development of supervised roadway breakline models.

Trimble-V10-R8-GNSS-and-Tablet-W Photo: Trimble

Photo: Trimble

Trimble V10 Imaging Rover. The Trimble V10 is an integrated camera system that precisely captures 360-degree digital panoramic images for visual documentation and measurement of the surrounding environment. Enhancements include additional integration options and high-dynamic range (HDR) imagery. The Trimble V10 offers an accessible and efficient means of visually documenting site conditions to perform measurements in the office, produce more powerful deliverables and speed up decision making for managers on or off the site.

In addition to the R10 GNSS receiver, the Trimble V10 Imaging Rover now seamlessly integrates with Trimble’s R-Series GNSS receivers — the Trimble R8, R6 and R4 — and TSC3 controller. Through this seamless integration, geospatial professionals can easily capture high-quality, geo-referenced panoramic images to document the surroundings. Now more Trimble customers can take advantage of the Trimble V10’s powerful capabilities. In addition, a new two-piece power rod option enables easy transportation of the Trimble V10.