Optimal search strategies, open-interface receiver: New speakers for webinar on GNSS receiver design

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New speakers have been announced for the Jan. 21 webinar “GNSS Receiver Design: New MEMS Components, Optimal Search Strategies.”

The new speakers are Esther Anyaegbu, a senior systems architect at Intel Mobile Communication (UK), and Matthias Overbeck, group manager of the Precise GNSS Receiver program at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (Germany).

They join Mark Petovello, professor in the Position, Location And Navigation (PLAN) Group in the Department of Geomatics Engineering, University of Calgary, and Sandy Kennedy, director and chief engineer, core receiver cards, from NovAtel, in making presentations during the webinar. Register free here.

Guest speakers for the Jan. 21 webinar are Mark Petovello, Esther Anyaegbu, Matthias Overbeck and Sandy Kennedy.

Guest speakers for the Jan. 21 webinar are Mark Petovello, Esther Anyaegbu, Matthias Overbeck and Sandy Kennedy.

Anyaegbu’s subject is Optimal Search Strategies in a Multi-constellation Environment. Traditional methods for satellite search and acquisition have been dominated by methods best suited for GPS. The signal performance analyses using five different GNSS constellations are combined to give an optimal search strategy which exploits the advantages of the signal structures of the different GNSS signals.

Overbeck will present on the GNSS Receiver with Open Software Interface (GOOSE) hardware platform, which provides a development chain from experimental PCIe slot card to an embedded GNSS receiver. The main benefits for potential product developers are an improved development process for GNSS receiver firmware, the possibility to embed application-specific software on the receiver, an access to all potentially relevant data for an improved position solution based on open white-box approach and the enabling of deeply coupled inertial sensors.

Petovello will cover the topic of his January cover story in GPS World magazine (with co-author Bernhard Aumayer), MEMS Oscillators on the Move. Advances in micro-electro-mechanical sensors (MEMS) technology include temperature-sensing MEMS oscillators (TSMO). Pairing a TSMO with a GNSS receiver, the authors successfully performed carrier-phase positioning and obtained accuracies better than typically required for automotive applications. MEMS oscillators can present space and cost advantages in integrated circuit assembly.

They will be joined on the webinar panel by Sandy Kennedy of NovAtel, whose topic will be announced soon. Each speaker will talk for 10–12 minutes, with slides, and there will be a question-and-answer period with the audience to conclude the hour.

The Jan. 21 Receiver Design webinar is sponsored by NovAtel.

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