New JAVAD TRIUMPH-LS Receiver Features 864 Channels

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The TRIUMPH-LS receiver, by JAVAD GNSS.

The TRIUMPH-LS receiver, by JAVAD GNSS.

JAVAD GNSS has launched a new version of the TRIUMPH GNSS receiver, which features 864 channels — more than any receiver it has yet offered. The TRIUMPH-LS land survey receiver offers, in addition to the 864 GNSS channels, three powerful processors, 256 I/O, 24 digital filters, 24 anti-jam filters and 14-MB program memory all in a single chip, which uses less power and makes the total system less expensive, according to the company.

The announcement was made at the ION GNSS+ Conference, being held this week in Nashville, Tennessee.

Javad Ashjaee, CEO and founder, explained the decision to incorporate 864 channels. “Some questioned the need for the 216 channels. They now realize the need for 440 channels. We assign multiple channels to each satellite for redundancy and reliability. We use more than 100 channels to scan GNSS bands for interference — 864 channels is the key to reliable performance.”

The TRIUMPH-LS provides visual stake-out, six parallel RTK engines, more than 3,000 coordinate conversions, advanced coordinate geometry features, and rich attribute tagging on a high-resolution 800 x 480 pixel display. When used in photogrammetry, offsets can be calculated using the internal camera for 10-centimeter accuracy, or an external camera for 5-centimenter accuracy. TRIUMPH-LS is the first JAVAD GNSS receiver to offer photogrammetry for land survey.

Other features include versatile attribute tagging, feature coding, automatic photo and voice documentation, and an interference monitoring and reporting feature.

The TRIUMPH-LS  has a battery life of 25 hours in RTK rover mode with full screen brightness and UHF/GSM. Two hours of charge equals two days of surveying. The internal batteries are field serviceable and can be easily replaced by the user when needed.

The TRIUMPH-LS, including batteries and pole, is the lightest GNSS RTK receiver in its class, according to JAVAD GNSS. The total weight of the system — including radio, controller, pole and 25 hours of internal battery — is 2.5 kilograms.

Built on a tough magnesium alloy chassis, all connectors, SIM cards, and micro-SD cards are protected against harsh environmental conditions. The pole can be collapsed and the unit can easily fit in a car seat — there are no long poles and no separate controller or brackets to disassemble.

The TRIUMPH-LS automatically updates all firmware when connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. The built-in GNSS full tracking antenna has a large ground place and excellent centering and rotational performance.

To learn more about the TRIUMPH-LS, stop by the JAVAD GNSS booth (Booth D) in the ION GNSS+ Exhibit Hall now through Friday.Presentation will be given Thursday at the conference room of the exhibition hall at 2:00 pm.


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