Mosaic, Movella improve mobile mapping and geospatial analysis

February 28, 2024  - By
Image: Mosaic/ Movella

Image: Mosaic/ Movella

Mosaic and Movella have collaborated to combine the Mosaic 51 and Mosaic X camera systems with Movella’s Xsens Vision Navigator (XVN). The collaboration aims to bolster GIS platform integration and allow for extensive and precise 3D reconstruction. It uses inertial measuring unit (IMU) data generated by XVN and directly connects to the OBD port. The integration is ideal for precise mapping and surveying applications.

The XVN, which is fully integrated with Mosaic cameras, offers centimeter-level accuracy using real-time kinematic (RTK) and incorporates orientation information to eliminate the need for additional post-processing steps to achieve precise positioning. The seamless georeferencing of stitched images, including the embedding of orientation data, is automatically executed as part of the stitching process.

The Mosaic 51 system can capture up to 12K resolution in challenging environments. The Mosaic X extends these capabilities and integrates seamlessly with photogrammetry technologies for comprehensive mobile mapping.

Movella’s Vision Navigator stands out as a dual RTK GNSS/INS and vision-enabled navigation unit, adept at tracking accurate 3D position, velocity and orientation in challenging outdoor and GNSS-denied environments. The solution is supported by innovative Visual Inertial Odometry technology.

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