M3 Systems and BOREAL SAS collaborate on Space4Earth

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BOREAL SAS and M3 Systems France, both subsidiaries of the Mistral Group, are collaborating on Mistral Group’s new corporate mission, Space4Earth, which aims to define the future of geolocated positioning by 2030. To work on the mission, both companies are consolidating space technology and UAV teams across two sites in the Toulouse, France, region with the goal of providing end-to-end solutions in the areas of automotive, drone, and space-based geo-positioning.

The Mistral Group has established its first multi-expertise center on Jean-Jaurès Avenue in Toulouse. Its location aims to stimulate internal collaboration. The location of the site will enable the Mistral Group to play a key role in the field of space innovation and long-range UAVs.

The second site, located in Lavernose-Lacasse, will house the InnovLab innovation center, which is dedicated to creating proofs of concept. The lab is equipped with advanced technological resources to enable company employees to work on the developments of UAV and GNSS projects. The overall objective is to develop new payloads and to develop integration methods to offer bespoke flying laboratories.

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