Leica scanner reaches inaccessible with 1-km range

November 15, 2017  - By

Leica Geosystems has released the Leica ScanStation P50 as the newest member of its 3D terrestrial laser scanner P-Series.

The new ScanStation P50 combines all the features of the P40 plus a longer range scanning capability of more than 1 kilometer. Increasing users’ flexibility to offer services in new markets, the rugged and versatile laser scanner enables professionals to 3D capture even at great distances with angular accuracy paired with low-range noise and survey-grade dual-axis compensation.

Scanning the inaccessible. The ScanStation P50 opens new business opportunities for reality-capture professionals, helping them to scan what was previously unreachable such as big mine pits, long bridges, dams and skyscrapers, the company said.

With its range, the P50 enables users to scan any tall or wide infrastructure or dangerous sites from a remote and safe position. The newest member of the P-Series provides the highest quality 3D data and high-dynamic range (HDR) imaging at an extremely fast scan rate of up to 1 mio points per second and ranges of more than 1 kilometer.

“Our customers have requested increased range so that they can capture tall structures and/or far away features without sacrificing the safety of their field crews,” said Mike Harvey, Leica Geosystems NAFTA HDS product and applications manager. “During a recent deployment of the Leica P50 in an urban setting, the extended range allowed us to capture more of a city skyline in less setups. Due to the extended range, the additional data made scan registration very easy and much faster.”