Leica releases ‘self-learning’ GNSS receiver for survey

May 3, 2016  - By

Leica_GS16_front_right_on_pole_with_CS20_300DPI-WLeica Geosystems has announced the Leica Viva GS16 survey receiver, along with updated Leica Captivate and SmartWorx Viva software.

The GS16 is a “self-learning GNSS receiver,” the company said, able to automatically select the optimal combination of GNSS signals and stay connected with or without reference links.

The new release enhances the Leica Captivate Experience released in 2015. The addition of self-learning GNSS is accompanied by increased lock-on capability in the multi-station and various upgrades to the immersive Captivate software.

With a robust 555-channel engine, the new receiver is empowered by RTKplus to access all known and current signals, while intelligently distinguishing which ones are the optimal combination to lock onto for accurate positioning adapting to any environmental conditions.

The GS16 also has capacity for future signals, such as the full deployment of BeiDou and the expected progress of Galileo and QZSS. With SmartLink, a precise point-positioning technology, uninterrupted positioning continues even when local correction services are unavailable because of obstructions or lack of cellular coverage. Even when no reference data is available, SmartLink continues to enable fully remote work.

Embedded with the touch technology of the Leica Captivate measurement software, users can now bring the 3D experience from their total stations and multi-stations directly into their GNSS workflows. Cumbersome and time-consuming calculations and conversions are no longer needed with a direct link between self-learning total stations and multi-stations and the new self-learning GNSS receiver.

Leica-GS16-OOn a field tablet or controller, users can interact with immersive 3D models directly in the field, ensuring all data is collected and linked to the office, eliminating the need for return trips to the field.

“When we developed the Viva GS16 receiver, we drew on 30 years of experience in GNSS to make the best receiver we have made to date,” said Bernhard Richter, Leica Geosystems GNSS business director. “With its flexible design, this receiver is a safe investment for the future while also bringing immediate benefits using the new GNSS signals and SmartLink.”


Upgraded software

In addition, Leica Captivate v2.00 and SmartWorx Viva v6.00 have also been released. This upgrade brings Dynamic Lock, the increased lock-on capability of ATRplus in the MultiStation. Now significantly enlarging the search area for locking onto a moving target, the MultiStation can be used in standard surveying or high-dynamic machine control applications for better performance.

This upgrade also brings a long-range Bluetooth capability for the Leica CS35 tablet, enabling long-range control for robotic total stations and more flexibility on any site. Users can now also position and orient a total station to any object, allowing use on a moving platform for increased mobility.

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