Leica releases GNSS monitoring on board stand-alone receiver

December 18, 2015  - By

A GNSS monitoring solution integrated into a stand-alone receiver detects fast movements of man-made and natural structures in real time.

The new product from Leica Geosystems, dubbed VADASE, runs onboard Leica reference stations and monitoring receivers. The Leica Velocity and Displacement Autonomous Solution Engine (VADASE) provides an in-depth look into fast movements using unique processing algorithms. In real time, accurate high-rate velocity and displacement information of various activities and structures are provided to engineers and researchers for a complete, precise and reliable monitoring solution, Leica said.

Leica GeosystemsLeica VADASE delivers actionable information independent of any GNSS real-time kinematic (RTK) correction service in real time. Displacement events are recorded on board a single stand-alone GNSS receiver, and the user can be notified by email. With this instant information, professionals receive a deeper understanding of how structural movements occur and can take necessary actions to mitigate damages and potentially save lives, the company said.

Leica VADASE does not require additional hardware or infrastructure for differential processing (such as one or more reference stations or global correction services for precise point positioning); it provides autonomous processing capability with no extra equipment or services needed.

Users can also apply the latest versions of Leica SpiderQC, Leica GeoMoS or any other customized software for advanced data visualization, analysis, threshold verification and notification.