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Launchpad: IoT chip, simulators, threat detector

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Internet of Things chip

Chip simplifies integration of GNSS into low-cost products

The Broadcom BCM47748 chip for the Internet of Things and wearables enables devices such as fitness bands to deliver pinpoint location while consuming minimal power and in some cases can eliminate the need for a separate microcontroller. The BCM47748 removes a bulk of the signal processing from the device MCU by calculating position, velocity and time on-chip, delivering significant system power savings. The chip uses intelligent firmware to extend battery life while maintaining accuracy in speed, distance and position. By absorbing location computations on-chip, Broadcom not only reduces power consumption but can also dramatically lower costs for OEMs by replacing the device MCU and reducing board space. Firmware inside the BCM47748 automatically adapts to user activity and context, whether biking, walking or running, to provide precise location results to the user, enabling performance that is not sacrificed for power savings.



Multi-frequency RF simulator

Simulation through real-time generation of GNSS signals

The upgraded ReGen DIF simulator is a high-end, low-cost 24-channel GNSS multi-frequency RF simulation solution for academia and research and development. The Replicator provides users with GNSS simulation through real-time generation of GNSS signals; the recording and playback of dual-frequency GNSS RF signals; and GNSS RF signal analysis with the JAXA COSMODE ionospheric scintillation monitor. Features of the replicator support various combinations of GPS L1, L2; GLONASS L1,L2,L3; BeiDou B1, B2; and Galileo E1 signals, and include ANSI C API for user access to customizable signal propagation, orbital, multipath, spatially correlated, scintillation and other error models.



Single-frequency receiver

Designed for unmanned aerial systems and mobile platforms

The S2525F8-BD-RTK is a low-power, single-frequency RTK receiver with centimeter-level position accuracy. It supports GPS, BDS, QZSS and SBAS, simultaneously tracking up to 28 satellites. With its 25 x 25 millimeter form factor, 300-mW power consumption and 3 gram weight, it is designed for any outdoor applications requiring high-precision RTK positioning. S2525F8-BD-RTK supports both base station and rover modes. As a rover, it receives RTCM 3.0 or 3.1 data from a base station, or raw measurements from another S2525F8-BD-RTK receiver serving as base station, and performs carrier phase RTK processing to achieve relative positioning with 1 cm + 1 ppm position accuracy within 10-Km baseline.

SkyTraq Technology,


Threat detector

Spirent robust framework evaluates threats to GNSS

The GSS100D Detector is key to a robust PNT test framework to evaluate GPS and GNSS security vulnerabilities for position, navigation and timing systems. The framework will be used by technology, system and application developers where PNT is critical. The framework enables threats to be detected in the field, taken into the lab, and re-synthesized along with GPS and other GNSS signals. Spirent’s threat intelligence library of actual and typical threats provides a wide range of GNSS segment errors and spoofing attacks, as well as space weather and other vulnerabilities for preventive troubleshooting. Developed in collaboration with Nottingham Scientific Ltd., the GSS100D Detector enables detection, characterization and analysis of real GNSS threats.




Radio data modem

Priate radio data system for measurement applications

Compact-Proof is a UHF radio modem for wireless data transfer with a rechargeable battery, providing a compact and flexible solution for a wide range of applications, including land surveying under varying weather conditions. It supports the radio protocols of Pacific Crest, Trimble and other GNSS providers. It has a temperature range of -30°C to +65°C and frequency ranges of 330 MHz…420 MHz and 403 MHz…473 MHz. Its casing and connectors are rated IP67, making it waterproof and secured against dust. With transmitting power of 1,000 mW, it can be operated fully autonomously for more than 15 hours as a repeater station in the field.



Multi-GNSS receiver

Base station or rover survey receiver with 864 channels

The all-in-one TRIUMPH-LS combines a high-performance 864-channel GNSS receiver, all-frequency GNSS antenna, and a modern featured handheld. The 864 all-in-view channels include Galileo E1/E5A/E5B, GPS L1/L2/L5, GLONASS L1/L2/L3, QZSS L1/L2/L5, BeiDou B1/B2 and SBAS L1/L5. The TRIUMPH-LS offers GUIDE data collection, Visual Stake Out (VSO), navigation, six parallel RTK engines, more than 3,000 coordinate conversions, advanced CoGo features, and rich attribute tagging on a high-resolution, bright, 800 x 460 bright display. Two 3-megapixel cameras enable recording of images along with GNSS data.More than 100 channels are dedicated to continuous interference monitoring. The Triumph-LS monitors and reports interference graphically and numerically with patent-pending interference protection. Interference awareness allows safe GNSS operation in city, airport and military environments. The unit can serve as base or rover. It has a GSM modem, UHF transmit and receive, and an internal high-performance geodetic antenna. The TRIUMPH-LS automatically updates all firmware when connected to a Wi-Fi Internet connection.



Indoor mapper

TIMMS 2 more maneuverable than predecessor

The Trimble Indoor Mobile Mapping Solution (TIMMS) produces fast and accurate maps of difficult-to-navigate indoor spaces and translates them directly into 2D and 3D models of structured interiors. TIMMS 2 is a fusion of technologies for capturing spatial data of indoor and other GNSS denied areas, providing both lidar and spherical video and enabling the creation of accurate, real-life representations of interior spaces and all of their contents. The maps are geo-located; the real world positions of each area of the building and its contents are known and can be easily placed and oriented in a wide area model. Small and lightweight, TIMMS 2 can negotiate tight corners, closets and catwalks, and can be carried up and down staircases where no elevator is available for travel between building levels.


The new Leica Geosystems Pegasus backpack wearable mobile mapping solution.

The new Leica Geosystems Pegasus backpack wearable mobile mapping solution.

Wearable reality capture

Portable backpack allows mapping while walking

The Leica Pegasus:Backpack is a wearable reality-capture technology that combines five high-dynamic cameras and two LiDAR profilers within an ultra-light and ergonomic carbon-fiber chassis. The ergonomic mobile mapper creates a 3D view indoors or outdoors for engineering or professional documentation while using SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) to determine position in GNSS-denied areas. With its fast and efficient capture, calibrated images and point clouds are quickly generated for applications as diverse as BIM 6D to industrial training and disaster analysis.

Leica Geosystems,



UAV-ready lidar

Lightweight lidar with GPS 
and inertial for UAVs

The YellowScan is a lightweight lidar designed for fixed or rotary-wing UAVs. It has an embedded Ellipse-E, a miniature inertial navigation system from SBG Systems, which helps obtaining a clear and accurate point cloud. YellowScan is operational at up to 75 meters and delivers a highly dense point cloud. It includes a lidar with a ±50 degree angle that measures 40,000 points per second, an Ellipse-E inertial navigation system coupled with a centimeter-level RTK GPS, an on-board computer and an integrated battery. LED lights provide useful information, such as whether the GPS is receiving RTK corrections.



Aerial photo sharing

App adds sharing, editing and discovery tools

The DJI GO app is an upgrade to the previous DJI Pilot app with a redesigned user interface to make it easier to capture and share images with DJI’s Phantom 3, Inspire 1 and Matrice 100 UAVs. The app includes expanded in-app editing tools to make it easier to adjust photos and videos before uploading to social networks. DJI Director, which automatically edits the best moments from flights into short videos, has also been upgraded to include video speed control, additional templates and background music options.



Cameras for UAVs

Lightweight with the resolution 
of a medium format system

The iXU-R camera series for UAVs is available in 80 MP, 60 MP and 60 MP achromatic versions. The cameras feature dedicated interchangeable 40-mm, 50-mm and 70-mm Phase One Rodenstock lenses equipped with central leaf shutters that can be quickly changed in the field, offering flexibility in aerial applications. The Phase One iXU-R systems have been designed to address the aerial data acquisition market’s needs with high-performance optics, flexibility to fit into small places and Phase One’s fastest 80 MP platform. Phase One aerial cameras offer direct communication with GPS/IMU systems and the ability to write data to the image files.

Phase One Industrial,


Military UAV

VTOL UAS designed for intelligence gathering

The Aeryon SkyRanger introduces a new airframe and integrated system design to its Aeryon sUAS (small UAS) platform, based on thousands of hours of flight time and successful customer exercises and missions around the world. The SkyRanger is suited for both land and maritime applications, and is designed to military and government specifications for immediate aerial intelligence gathering. Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) enables continuous eyes-on-target, operations in confined or hard-to-reach environments, and low-risk launch and retrieval without peripheral equipment. Features include up to 50-minute flight time, single operator transport and deployment with no launch or recovery equipment, reliable flight performance in demanding environments such as high winds, and an intuitive touchscreen interface. Microsoft has chosen the SkyRanger to demonstrate aerial image and data capture for its new Microsoft Advanced Patrol Platform (MAPP) vehicle.

Aeryon Labs,

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