Laser Technology offers TruPoint 300 total station

April 26, 2017  - By
The TruPoint 300 total station by Laser Technology.

The TruPoint 300 total station by Laser Technology.

Laser Technology Inc. (LTI) has released its TruPoint 300 for field data collection and mapping, as well as producing +/–1 millimeter range accuracy. It is a fully integrated laser with vertical and horizontal angle encoders capable of producing 3D, survey-grade measurements.

The TruPoint 300 is LTI’s first phase-technology product with a laser diode that emits light pulses with a distinct wavelength and pulse repetition frequency that obtains millimeter accuracy.

The fully integrated MapStar Angle Technology make the Trupoint 300 suitable for GIS, incident mapping, crush analysis, surveying, electric utilities, architecture and construction.

It will measure the distance between two remote points and has onboard solutions for volume, height, and 2D and 3D area, the company said. Professionals can navigate through measured data, routines, and menus with a full-color touchscreen.

In addition, the laser features an integrated red-dot visual indicator and crosshair with four-power zoom camera, which makes taking measurements easier, especially indoors, LTI said. The unit will also capture a photo of every shot taken that includes raw measurement values and onboard calculations.

Both photos and data can be stored in a CAD-friendly format for professional documentation. With Bluetooth and WLAN, professionals can communicate with apps and transfer X-, Y-, Z-point data files with images.

Several measurement and mapping apps designed by LTI are expected to be released in the coming months. Besides professional-grade lasers for mapping, LTI also provides a line of recreational rangefinders by Bushnell for golfing and hunting.