L-3 Demonstrates TruTrak Evolution Type II SAASM GPS Receiver

August 10, 2012  - By


L-3 Interstate Electronics Corporation (IEC) conducted an operational demonstration of its new TruTrak Evolution (TTE) Type II Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS receiver at AUVSI’s Unmanned Systems North America 2012 conference, held last week in Las Vegas. The demonstration highlighted the new TruTrak receiver’s multi-use capabilities as a high-performing Ground-Based GPS Receiver Applications Module (GB-GRAM) for use on UAS platforms and precision weapons.

The TTE offers native Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and external oscillator interfaces, user processor, reconfigurable input/output (I/O) and front end, and easy roadmap migration from SAASM to NextGen GPS YMCA modernized technology. Its TTE Type II architecture supports the integration of multiple sensors to simplify all-source navigation solutions for GPS-denied environments. The adaptable architecture allows developers to quickly integrate new sensors without a hardware change, while providing industry-leading core GPS receiver performance and easy migration to NextGen modernized GPS.

“The TTE Type II highlights L-3 IEC’s integrated SAASM/NextGen GPS M-Code roadmap, providing another innovative path in the development of a Common GPS Module,” said Ric Pozo, general manager and vice president of navigation systems at L-3 IEC. “It allows SAASM- based P(Y) and modernized YMCA multichip modules to share a common circuit card assembly, making this a very flexible solution for drop-in GPS receiver replacement and low-risk integration.”

L-3’s TTE Type II provides features required by multiple applications, including a small form factor, high performance, and both passive and active antennas. The TTE Type II adopts the common GB-GRAM Type II electrical and physical interfaces, but with expandable I/O to support a wide range of requirements for ground, air, weapon, and projectile needs.