Klau Geomatics debuts hybrid PPK PPP processing solution

March 20, 2020  - By

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Klau Geomatics has released processing that brings precise point positioning (PPP) and post processed kinematic (PPK) together in an optimized solution.

The autonomous solution can work anywhere without any other user inputs, such as base station data and radio/GSM links, the company added.

According to Klau Geomatics, the solution works on its own to achieve high accuracy, regardless of the location of the user. Accurate datum and tectonic plate motion corrections, specific to different countries and regions, are automatically applied to deliver the most accurate solutions.

In addition, Klau Geomatics’ NRT technology gives users — specifically those in the drone inspection industry — the ability to attain absolute accuracy to analyze change over time on 3D assets, the company said. The precise corrections are applied to data from custom-tuned KlauPPK GNSS receivers in the KlauPPK post processing software to enable centimeter-level accuracy anywhere in the world without the need for RTK, CORS or local base station data.

Finally, Klau Geomatics’ hybrid terrestrial multi station and PPP algorithm are offering even more refined accuracy in areas such as the U.S., Europe, Japan, New Zealand and Australia. Data from as many as 15 reliable long-range CORS stations, where available, are applied to the processing. The enhanced PPP solution achieves 1-3cm XYZ absolute accuracy in many parts of the world.

The same KlauPPK software workflow applies, to synchronise camera events, apply lever arm corrections, manage coordinate systems and geoids, apply site localizations, capture ground points and more. Instead of choosing a base station, which should be within 20 miles of the site, or setting up an RTK radio link, users with an active KlauPPK subscription can process a high accuracy trajectory, anywhere, without any other inputs, Klau Geomatics said.

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