JAVAD GNSS Remote Assistance and Monitoring Services

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Together with free live technical support provided by practicing professional land surveyors via phone, email, message board and text messaging, JAVAD GNSS is pleased to announce the release of another innovative product, RAMS, Remote Assistance and Monitoring Services for J-Field software. J-Field is the field controller software developed for the TRIUMPH-LS GNSS receiver and the VICTOR-LS field controller. RAMS is currently available to all users of J-Field, JAVAD’s powerhouse software for survey data collection, stakeout, and computations.

Photo: JAVAD GNSSWith the J-Field enabled receiver/controller connected to the Internet (via internal GSM SIM card, Wi-Fi hotspot or Ethernet), users can make their receiver/controller accessible to JAVAD’s customer support team from anywhere in the world with three button presses. “It’s like having the support person looking over the user’s shoulder,” said Shawn Billings, a surveyor from Texas.

While the TRIUMPH-LS is connected to RAMS, the user and support person share control of the receiver, giving the support person the ability to make changes to settings on the receiver or train the user remotely. “It has changed the way support is conducted, making us more efficient at determining issues and more effective in training users,” said Billings. The connection is password-protected to ensure that only those intended have remote access to the receiver.

Beyond technical support, RAMS server access is available to the user community as well. This offers the ability for project managers to remotely supervise crew efforts in the field. Because operational control of the TRIUMPH-LS/VICTOR-LS is shared between the server user and the field user, the server user (project manager) could perform the more complex operations of land surveying, such as COGO calculations and localizations, as necessary, and then allow the field user (crew member) to continue the more routine tasks of data collection.

Photo: JAVAD GNSSShould the task be simpler to accomplish with office software, RAMS allows file transfer directly from the LS to the server user’s own computer and vice versa, thus enabling the project manager to easily export points, linework (dwg, dxf, shape), vectors, photos and other project-related data from the LS to his desktop. From there, he can manipulate the data in his desktop application and then copy files, with newly computed coordinates or linework, back to the LS for the crew to work with in the field. In this way, RAMS uniquely supports the obligation surveyors have to exert responsible charge over their field crews.

The full receiver control, the access to receiver files, the robust RTK features of the TRIUMPH-LS and the fully customizable collection settings in J-Field make site monitoring possible as well.

RAMS server can be accessed with almost any device with an Internet browser and Internet access. “I’ve used RAMS server to assist customers from my desktop computer, laptop, android tablet and even my cell phone,” Billings added. “Using JAVAD’s RAMS server requires no installation of software on the remote device, only an Internet connection and web browser.”

For those wanting to operate RAMS on their own server, the RAMS Server application is available from JAVAD GNSS. An Android version of RAMS Server is also available, allowing users to connect an Android device directly to the TRIUMPH-LS without the need for an Internet connection. RAMS for Android creates a local network between the Android device and the LS and allows a field user to see and manipulate J-Field with the Android device should it be necessary to work with the LS beyond the reach or view of the user.

For more information on RAMS, J-Field, TRIUMPH-LS, VICTOR-LS and other JAVAD GNSS solutions, visit, email or call 408-770-1770.


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