Inertial Labs enhances remote sensing payload

February 23, 2024  - By
Image: Inertial Labs

Image: Inertial Labs

Inertial Labs has launched the RESEPI lidar Gen-II remote sensing payload instrument. It comes in three modes to cater to users’ individual operational needs: aerial mode for comprehensive airborne data collection, mobile mode for dynamic vehicular data collection and a versatile handheld/backpack that aims to provide portability and ease of use for ground personnel.

The RESEPI lidar Gen-II has a 175% increase in computing power, designed to speed up processing and enhance efficiency during complex tasks. Its memory capacity has been increased by 700%, which allows for extensive data handling and improved system performance. The system’s 50% increase in storage capacity aims to facilitate longer durations of data collection without frequent offloads.

The Gen-II features seamless integration capabilities with UAVs and other platforms. The system’s sensor-agnostic design allows for external sensors to be easily integrated, including lidar and cameras. It can also compute point clouds, trajectories and solutions in real time, which is critical in time-sensitive missions.  The system can be used in a variety of applications including mapping, inspection, autonomous, navigation and robotics.

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