Hexagon launches HxGN AgrOn Logistics harvest solution for sugarcane, forestry

June 19, 2017  - By

Hexagon, a global provider of information technology solutions, has launched HxGN AgrOn Logistics, an end-to-end solution enabling sugarcane and forestry producers to manage and optimize the complex logistics processes essential to harvest.

HxGN AgrOn Logistics will be officially unveiled today at Agrishow, one of the world´s largest agricultural technology trade shows, in Ribeiro Preto, Brazil.

“In agriculture and forestry operations, success is defined by productivity,” said Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén. “Efficiently moving product from field to processing is one of the most critical phases of production, and one filled with logistical risks. HxGN AgrOn Logistics is streamlining and optimizing this entire process,”

AgrOn Logistics simplifies harvest with communications, insights and operations that are continuously optimized — from planning to field to processing. Real-time communications between machines enable easy coordination, while advanced software handles monitoring, capacity planning, scheduling, dispatching, resource management and more intensive data analysis.

The benefit to sugarcane and forestry harvest operators is complete connectivity, with workflow synchronization that optimizes every step of the process – from planning to dispatching to real-time execution and full machine automation.

Field-tested by more than 70 producers, AgrOn Logistics users are experiencing steep productivity gains and sharp decreases in raw materials loss, Hexagon said,

HxGN AgrOn Logistics will put data to work for a more intelligent approach to harvest: connecting, synchronizing and optimizing workflows, people and information while reducing operating expenses.