Hemisphere GNSS debuts smart antenna for survey

March 15, 2016  - By

Hemisphere GNSS has released the S321, its next-generation multi-frequency, multi-GNSS survey smart antenna. The S321 — designed for land or marine survey — combines Hemisphere’s Athena and Atlas technologies with a new web user interface offering customer-friendly performance.

For professional marine applications — such as  marine construction, hydrographic surveying or dredging — using the S321 with Athena RTK (real-time kinematic) enables users to achieve impeccable results and maintain peak up-time, the company said. The ruggedized antenna was designed for demanding and challenging environments and meets IP67 requirements.

The S321 smart antenna by Hemisphere GNSS.

The S321 smart antenna by Hemisphere GNSS.

“The S321 is another example of how much Hemisphere has changed,” said Chuck Joseph, president and CEO. “A fantastic survey smart antenna with industry-leading RTK, connectivity, and management capabilities, the S321 offers unbeatable performance and value to the industry.”

Athena RTK

Athena excels in environments where high-accuracy GNSS receivers can be used. Hemisphere’s customers have tested and proven Athena’s performance in long baseline, in open-sky environments, under heavy canopy, and in locations experiencing significant scintillation.

  • Initialization time – Reliably consistent initialization performance, while at the same time performing initializations in less than 15 seconds at better than 99.9 percent reliability.
  • Robustness in difficult operating environments – Extremely high productivity under aggressive geographic and landscape-oriented environments for GNSS.
  • Performance on long baselines – Position stability for long baseline applications.
  • Performance under scintillation – Sustained accuracy under ionospheric scintillation activities.

Atlas GNSS Global Corrections

The S321 ships preconfigured to test drive corrections from Hemisphere’s Atlas global corrections service. The bundled solution provides users worldwide with an easy way to use Atlas, including the worldwide H10 service offering 8-centimeter, 95-percent accuracy (4 cm RMS).

Network RTK Augmentation

BaseLink technology allows Atlas-capable receivers like the S321 to self-calibrate, self-survey, and automatically manage the transmission of RTK correction data to augment or extend established or new GNSS reference networks in areas of poor Internet connectivity.

The S321 introduces Hemisphere’s aRTK technology. Powered by Atlas, aRTK enables the S321 to operate with RTK accuracies when RTK corrections fail. If the S321 is Atlas-subscribed, it will continue to operate at the subscribed service level until RTK is restored.

The S321 also introduces SureFix, Hemisphere’s new processor running in combination with Athena to provide high-fidelity RTK quality information that results in guaranteed precision with virtually 100 percent reliability.


  • Athena RTK engine
  • GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, QZSS
  • 372 channels
  • Atlas corrections delivered via L-band and over the Internet
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Powerful web user interface
  • Two versions (Each can be configured as Base or Rover):
    • UHF + GSM / WCDMA
    • GSM / WCDMA (Network Rover)
  • 4 GB internal memory card and 64 GB-capable MicroSD card for data logging, download and upload.

The S321 can be ordered now and is available to ship before the end of the month.

The S321 is making its tradeshow debut at Oceanology International 2016 at ExCeL, London, UK, March 15-17, at booth G500.

For more information about the S321, Athena, Atlas, or its other advanced features, please call +1 (844) 217-2845 (within Canada / USA only) or +1 (480) 291-6766, or email Atlas@HGNSS.com.