Blue Marble Offers Applied Geodesy Training in Houston After the GIS for Oil and Gas Show

September 12, 2006  - By
Image: GPS World

September 9, 2006 — Blue Marble Geographics will be offering applied geodesy training in their Geographic Calculator class after the GIS for Oil and Gas Conference on Friday, September 22, 2006. The day-long session is an in-depth training course using the Geographic Calculator, a flexible data-conversion application.

The course also features education on the basics of geodesy and mapping. Blue Marble will also be exhibiting at the Geographic Information & Technology Association GIS for Oil and Gas Conference at booth number 502.

The Geographic Calculator converts individual coordinates, point database files, and vector map files from virtually any coordinate system to any other. Users can transform between coordinate systems, calculate the distance and azimuth between two coordinates, and calculate new coordinates at a known distance and azimuth from known coordinates. The Geographic Calculator also automatically computes grid convergence, point scale factor, datum shifts, and grid shifts.

Call toll free 800-616-2725 to reserve a spot in the class.

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