Safe Software Announces FME Store

April 13, 2012  - By
Image: GPS World

Safe Software announced the creation of the FME Store, a online portal for access to specialized FME components that increase workflow efficiency and broaden the possibilities of what can be achieved with the software in the use and distribution of spatial data.


Available through the FME Store, either for free or licensed, are Custom Transformers, Workspace Templates, and Custom Formats that can give users a head start with specific data transformation projects.

According to the announcement, the components are supplied by Safe Software, and also by third party partners wanting to share or license their achievements in developing with FME with the user community.

“We look forward to seeing how the components available in the FME Store are used to expedite setting up data transformation workflows, saving users time and ultimately increasing productivity,” says Dale Lutz, Vice-President of Development at Safe Software. “We anticipate some exciting announcements regarding FME innovations from several partners in the weeks ahead.”

The FME Store can be accessed within FME Workbench or through the Safe Software website. Parties interested in showcasing their own components through the FME Store can contact

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