Geotab Offers Future-Proof Commercial Telematics Solution

October 28, 2014  - By

Photo: Geotab

Geotab, a telematics engineering company, has launched its new GO7 telematics device. The GO7 allows fleet management applications to receive vehicle data communications from the engine, drive train, instrument cluster and other subsystems.

The Geotab GO7 is the newest device in Geotab’s line of telematics solutions and has added a number of new features such as programmable CANBUS, OBD, J1708 connection pins, enhanced auto-protocol detection and higher sensitivity accelerometer — making the solution future-proof and cost effective for any fleet to install and maintain, the company said.

The GO7 is an plug-and-play device with internal antennas that eliminates installation and out-of service vehicle time, which significantly lowers installation costs and improves fleet productivity, according to Geotab. The latest edition of Geotab’s GO devices caters to more than one vehicle protocol at a time, allowing the device to collect data simultaneously for all possible datasets, such as RPM, VIN, fuel level, seat-belt detection and odometer. The secondary protocol support provides detailed engine data for a variety of vehicles, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Volvo and Mazda. The technology is scalable, from light duty, medium duty, to heavy commercial trucks in addition to supporting all major vehicle manufacturers globally, Geotab said.

GO7-Installation2-W Photo: Geotab

Photo: Geotab

“Our goal is to provide the most advanced and efficient telematics solution in the industry,” said Neil Cawse, CEO, Geotab. “Together with our MyGeotab software, the all-new GO7 device allows us to provide our customers with the most sophisticated end-to-end fleet management solution on an industry leading platform — providing great productivity enhancements, safety features and cost-savings to our fleet customers.”

Top features of the GO7 include:

  • Easy plug-and-play installation
  • External device expandability via IOX Technology
  • Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching
  • Small form factor device
  • Breakthrough accident detection and notification
  • Accurate engine diagnostics, DTC, and proprietary engine data
  • Real-time vehicle data
  • Fast GPS acquisition time using Almanac OTA support
  • Built-in auto-calibrating accelerometer.