GEODNET, DST enhance precision agriculture in North America

December 28, 2023  - By


Deep Sand Technology (DST), an autosteering and precision agriculture company, and the GEODNET Foundation have partnered to bring precision agriculture real-time kinematic (RTK) services to rural North America.

GEODNET-compatible RTK bases will be immediately available, which support centimeter-accurate operations without the need to install an ultra-high frequency (UHF) radio link.

The partnership between DST and GEODNET aims to offer affordable high-accuracy RTK-based GPS access into key U.S. agricultural and rural areas for precision agriculture, advanced cruise control systems, automated highway trucking operations and eco-friendly robotic lawnmowers.

The GEODNET RTK network comprises more than 3,600 stations globally, covering over 1,800 cities in 100+ countries as of 2023.

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