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Geneq introduces Net20 Pro GNSS CORS reference receiver

August 8, 2018  - By
Net20 Pro. (Photo: Geneq)

Net20 Pro. (Photo: Geneq)

Geneq Inc. has introduced the Net20 Pro, a robust system designed for Continuously Operating Reference Station networks.

The Net20 Pro’s efficiency and flexibility will provide high-quality data for users interested in the proximity and reliability of a reference station while eliminating real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections service charges, the company said.

The Net20 Pro uses multi-frequency, 555-channel technologies in a rugged casing to deliver accurate and effective positioning data even in a harsh environment.

The receiver can be configured for correction data reception in client mode to calculate a fixed RTK position and to monitor the antenna position while continuing to work as a GNSS reference server.

With its NTRIP Caster software, the Net20 Pro provides superior connectivity with an unlimited number of mount points, Geneq said. Users can have permanent transmission of RTK corrections with a simple local internet connection from a LAN working network.

Equipped with an internal memory of 32 GB with an additional 32 GB external memory, the Net20 Pro provides enough storage space for permanent recording even for a 100-Hz high data sampling rate.

The Net20 Pro comes with an ergonomic and easy-to-manage web user interface that features software upgrade, status and settings management, as well as data downloading via smartphone, tablet or other internet-enabled electronic devices.