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Eos and CartoPac partner to turn mobile devices into high-accuracy GNSS tools

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Eos Positioning Systems Inc. is partnering with enterprise mobile solutions provider CartoPac International to enable consumer smartphones and tablets to become professional-grade GNSS data collection and management devices for staking, inspections and more.

Eos manufactures the Arrow receivers for any smartphone or tablet. CartoPac develops enterprise utility software, including a mobile solution for asset management and data collection.

As utility and energy companies have begun to adapt smartphones as their primary data-collection devices, they have struggled to find integrated solutions that can tie the high-accuracy GNSS locations to their new and legacy assets. Their options were usually limited to onerous workflows of all-in-one handheld GPS devices or the hiring of specialized surveyors.

Eos and CartoPac partnered to integrate the Arrow Series with CartoPac‘s mobile software. This allows CartoPac users to bring submeter and centimeter location into their asset-management solution on either iOS, Windows or Windows Mobile devices.

One real-world example is the installation of an underground pipeline. A field user with CartoPac software and a high-accuracy Arrow receiver paired with an iPad was able to capture submeter asset data, scan the asset’s barcode, take photographs and populate the utility’s enterprise geodatabase in real time, the companies said.

With the right mobile solution, field crews can also be dispatched in no time to the same asset location to respond to emergencies or perform routine work orders and inspections.

“We saw our users struggling to get a good high-accuracy GPS solution within the iOS environment,” said Glenn Vlass, CartoPac co-founder and senior sales executive. “When you can say where an asset is spatially with such a degree of high confidence, that lowers your risk and improves your safety. Lower risk and improved safety are things every utility worker takes seriously.”

Eos and CartoPac plan to expand their deployment of high-accuracy mobile asset management to more utilities facing similar needs.

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