Emlid unveils field-ready RTK GNSS receiver

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Emlid has introduced a ruggedized, battery-powered real-time kinematic (RTK) GNSS receiver. The Reach RS enables centimeter-accurate positioning for survey, mapping, agriculture and drones once again changing our perception of the equipment cost.


Photo: Emlid.

With an integrated high-performance dual-feed antenna mounted on a large ground-plane Reach RS is able to reliably track GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS satellites.

Reach RS is packed with many connectivity options. Via built-in Wi-Fi it is able to access NTRIP corrections, stream data to the cloud and fetch software updates. In remote areas Reach RS units can communicate via integrated LoRa radios giving you a reliable correction link on distances up to 8 kilometers. Solution data can be accessed over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and RS232. Functionality is extendable even further using the USB OTG. With RTCM and RINEX support Reach RS is a seamless addition to your existing equipment.

Power-efficient processor runs RTK engine with up to 14Hz update rate and can operate as much as 30 hours on a single battery charge. Easy charging over USB will never let you to run out of battery on mission.

Reach RS comes with a ReachView web app that works on any device with a browser and does not require an internet connection. Easily configure settings, correction input and solution output. Record and download RINEX logs, view status, satellite signal strength, captured events and your location on a map. Two gigabytes of internal storage are available for raw data RINEX logs and solution tracks which can be easily accessed from the ReachView app.

With IP67 rating and rugged polycarbonate enclosure Reach RS is ready for outdoor work. The receiver weighs only 700 grams and is just 145 millimeters wide making it one of the smallest and lightest RTK units available.

For laying out GCPs, or other types of survey work two Reach RS units operate together, one in base and another in rover mode. Reach RS is also seamlessly compatible with already-available Reach module — compact and lightweight solution for drones with ability to integrate with autopilots for navigation and cameras for photo geotagging.

The Reach module by Emlid.

The Reach module by Emlid. Photo: Emlid.

Reach RS is available for pre-order for $699 on Emlid’s website, the receivers are now being manufactured and will be shipped in mid-March 2017. Each Reach RS comes with an adapter for the survey pole, a USB cable, an antenna and a carry case.

Emlid designs, manufactures and sells first truly affordable RTK GNSS Reach and Linux autopilot board Navio2. Reach RTK. receiver appeared due to incredibly successful crowdfunding campaign. By combining modern hardware with an open-source RTK engine Emlid opened high-accuracy GNSS for makers and entry-level surveyors by significant reduction of receiver cost. Reach also allowed commercial surveyors to drastically cut the bill on the equipment. Now company continues innovating at affordable RTK market and is focused on broadening the range of its products.

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  1. CHADLI says:

    hello ,
    which data collector can work with it and which onboard software ? because their software seems to be not mature , still not proffessionel , so we need a solution of this befor buying and using in the field