Effigis Offers New Version of EZSurv Post-Processing Software

June 19, 2013  - By
Image: GPS World

Effigis today announced the worldwide availability of a new version of its OnPOZ EZSurv GNSS post-processing software (V2.92). Improvements include automatic access to data from more than 8,000 base stations around the world and availability of more than 750 mapping systems, as well as enhanced compatibility with 22 native GNSS formats.

EZSurv, Effigis’ GNSS post-processing software, provides a reliable, efficient RTK offline solution to improve survey or GIS data accuracy, the company said. EZSurv is fully compatible with most industry-standard field survey and GIS data collection software.

The latest version of EZSurv offers easy, automatic access to base station providers worldwide: data from more than 8,000 stations around the world can be automatically accessed directly through the EZSurv interface, without any extra user intervention, the company said.

Effigis constantly works on bringing data from more base stations to EZSurv users to improve worldwide connectivity to regional reference frames. “We regularly implement compatibility with additional base station providers as we get the necessary technical information,” said Denis Parrot, president of Effigis. Once compatibility is established, all necessary information to access new base stations is automatically updated through the Internet, without any software release or update.

This latest release also integrates compatibility with new GNSS binary formats, which brings EZSurv compatibility to 22 native formats.

Finally, EZSurv now offers more than 750 predefined “Map Projections/Datums” to help users quickly translate GNSS positions into regional mapping systems. This predefined map projection set is continuously updated on users’ desktops by a simple Internet download.

“EZSurv V2.92 brings GNSS post-processing to an unprecedented level of ease of use,” added Denis Parrot. “EZSurv is a real gateway to many GNSS networks worldwide and provides post-processed results in the proper reference frames. Our commitment to streamline GNSS post-processing makes EZSurv the ideal tool to complement RTK systems.”

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