EAB Q&A: Satellite-based high-accuracy services

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Should GPS have a satellite-based high-accuracy service, like Galileo’s and BeiDou’s? What would it take to build it?

Bernard Gruber

Bernard Gruber

“No. As Peter Lynch once said, ‘Know what you own, and know why you own it.’ Although this sage advice was for individuals buying equities, I would offer the same for GPS investing in or ‘guaranteeing’ high-accuracy service. Myriad differential GPS solutions currently exist, next generation atomic clocks are in orbit now, internet-based corrections are available. Evolution will improve accuracy, and techniques for higher accuracy will develop when they are needed by the market. I would rather see investment continue in Alt Nav and compatible GPS solutions. As for Galileo and BeiDou authentication plans, I may provide a different answer.”
— Bernard Gruber
Northrop Grumman

Headshot: Jules McNeff

Jules McNeff

“What’s in a name? For most people, GPS already provides a high-accuracy service. Depending on how one uses its signals, you can already track the movement of tectonic plates and changes in Earth reference frames — that’s pretty high accuracy. There are always those who want more, but it’s unreasonable to expect GPS to be the only source, given performance and resilience gains with positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) augmentations and complements along with GPS basic services. The GPS providers need to focus on Job One, a robust set of GPS services for all its users, and not have that mission complicated further.”
— Jules McNeff
Overlook Systems Technologies 

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