Distracted Driving Device Allows GPS Functionality While Driving

February 5, 2015  - By

TextBuster_largeTextBuster, a device by Access 2 Communications that prevents drivers from accessing text, email and Internet functions while driving, allows GPS to function while driving.

It does not interfere with inbound and outbound calling. The firmware technology behind TextBuster sends a blocking signal to the user’s phone automatically, every time the user enters the vehicle.

TextBuster will not interfere with any other hands-free or Bluetooth items in the vehicle, according to the company. It is a patent-pending device that will disable the data functions to the driver’s phone only while inside the vehicle without interfering with inbound and outbound calls. It includes two components, the mobile app, which is a free download, and a small “brain box” that is mounted under the dash.

Ohio-based Access 2 Communications developed the distracted driving device with the hopes of significantly reducing the number of preventable distracted driving fatalities worldwide.

TextBuster will be available in Target stores nationwide starting in mid-November, according to TextBuster.


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  1. Bushman says:

    In other words, it means, that no “blocking signal” is sent to the phone, but app on the phone detects presence of device (by Bluetooth) and turns off mobile data access.

    Customers should be aware of fact, that navigation apps such as Google Maps and many others actually depend on Internet connection, because they rely on cartographic data, stored on servers? Only offline navigation apps are capable to work without Internet connection.