You Can Help Find Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane

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DigitalGlobe, Inc., has launched a crowdsourcing campaign that will allow anyone to help look for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 by combing through satellite images for clues of its whereabouts.

The search drew so many participants on its first day March 17, that it crashed the company’s website, with 500,000 visitors wanting to help find the missing Boeing 777. Anyone can begin searching the satellite images, tagging anything that looks suspicious. Each pixel on a computer screen represents half a meter on the ocean’s surface.

The Longmont, Colorado, company said two of its commercial satellites have already collected images comprising roughly 1,988 square miles at the confluence of the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea, where the Beijing-bound aircraft mysteriously went missing on Saturday. The company is continuing to update the images to reflect new information about the search area provided by the Malaysian government.

To help, go to DigitalGlobe’s crowdsourcing website,

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    • Dale says:

      Can a map around the Maldives be supplied for tomnod users pls. Sightings of plane have been seen over there!

    • Mellissa Hendrickx says:

      I just signed up for tomnod to possibly help in the search for the missing plane. I’m hesitant to tag anything that looks suspicious because I don’t know if it’s just regular parts of the ocean (does that make sense? lol). Is there a type of criteria that you all look for before tagging an area? Thank you for any help.

      • Sounds a bit crazy, but those small cameras they have today could be attached to deep diving sea animals like dolphins, porpoises, seals and whales as a way to assist in helping locate the lost plane.. Now wouldn’t that make history?

  2. John Ingram says:

    The first news, my thoughts:- all BlackBoxes squalk if G forces excessive, or abrupt power off; therefore:- high altitude explosion, a spread of 10km radius, if crashed into sea an intense 100 metre radius (of debry, if pilots unconscious then plane on autopilot would overfly landing area,if hijacked the cockpit door had to be forced open so pilots would hit their panic button (121.5MHz?) etc. Now, since established BB switched off, and no wreckage sighting, I would assume the intent was not to crash the plane but land it somewhere: I would be looking on some landable area, not at sea. What is/was the maximum distance to be able to fly? USE 360 degrees, as a start; Australia? The aircraft need only to land, not necessarily to be able to take off. Motive to hijack??

    • JJM says:

      I would be looking at at airstrips or alternative landing sites as early as 0300 and late as 0700 GMT. Malaysia Airlines does not know how much fuel was onboard??? I find it hard to believe that they don’t know within 10%!! And then I get 2 different Maximum Ranges, 5240 & 7725 N Mi. Typical cruise speed is 0.84 Mach = 900 km/hr. Here are the specs: Other search results:
      “The model is the oldest in the Boeing 777 family and has a range of 5,240 nautical miles (9,700 kilometres), according to the Boeing website.”
      “Malaysia said new data showed the last communication between the missing plane and satellites at 8:11 a.m. (0011 GMT), almost seven hours after it turned back and crossed the Malay peninsula.” “Seven hours’ more flying time would likely have taken it to the limit of its fuel load.” “The maximum range of the Boeing 777-200ER is 7,725 nautical miles or 14,305 km. It is not clear how much fuel the aircraft was carrying, though it would have been enough to reach its scheduled destination, Beijing, a flight of five hours and 50 minutes, plus some reserve.”

    • RowBear says:

      Why hasn’t someone ransomed the passengers in that case? DOA? Possibly. Then what was the reason for hijacking w/o intent to repurpose the plane?

      • Another Lynn says:

        The people are not the target; no one was famous or rich on board. They want the plane. The people either got shuffled off somewhere underground, or dumped unceremoniously. If this is a well funded effort, sure, they might feed the people for later ransoming, but in most cases, they are just a risky liability. The two toddlers have the best odds of survival because Muslims love children, and they are easy to brainwash.

        • Your right, They want the plane and possibly planedand could perhaps want to use it as a bomb??

          • Tariq says:

            No, I don’t think so, actually the plane was on high attitude, and due to any mechanical fault the engine could not provide the require thrust and thus the aircraft rapidly came down, then the pilot has tried to give full speed but could not success,even the plane came on to the surface of sea ,may be the passengers heart attack mostly and some due to other reason,but I think the pilot even tried at the last moment and give full throttle to take the plane up, but the engine could not provide the require power, but the plane fly over the sea or on the surface of sea at a straight till empty the fuel, we cant say the speed of plane with lower thrust of engine,but its continued its journey at the last moment till finished the fuel and then sink slowly into the deep sea with crew and passengers, may be very deep, as the plane not co lied with any thing, nor blasted, so it is under the water in the deep sea as it was, but may be after few months, when the body of the plane become breakable and the current will broken the body of the palne,all the debris even the dead body pieces will come over the sea, but far away from the place of sink, the full body of the passenger never be on the sea due to fasten of seatbelt.
            Tariq, Karachi-Pakistan.

  3. Paul Duval says:

    Trying to let somebody to check out map 507904 on Tomnod search as this object looks like a plane with wings ripped off floating near shore ? Just trying to help thanks

    • JackJoe says:

      not sure how to look at the page you mentioned – i tried typing your ‘map locale numbers’ in place of the one it has me looking through – but no dice. i can’t or don’t know how to see your specific page – maybe do the ‘share’ option, which places it on your facebook page and then others can look and see what they think – i did that myself – after a while it’s hard to tell what’s suspicious and what’s regular ocean/cloud stuff.

  4. Another Lynn says:

    Boeing says to look in Northern Pakistan. Do they have images there yet?

  5. Patricia Wright says:

    Why is no one considering that the plane went directly West? It would go over the Indian Ocean without going over land, avoiding radar. Where would it end up? In Somalia, which has a reputation for acts of Piracy. The Somalian pirates have been less successful due to increased security at sea, so they could be changing their tactics. The Somalian coastline is 1880 miles long, lots of space to hide a plane.

  6. Patricia Wright says:

    How does one participate in the search? Does it cost anything for the program? I can’t afford to pay out of my Social Security.

  7. Alfonso Sotres says:

    I have search and found many unused or abandoned runways in Thailand, Burma and various islands in the Indian Ocean.

    Digital Globe images should be available of such land areas, not just areas over the ocean.
    I believe the plane was flown to a remote runway to transship cargo such as drugs, money, weapons smuggled into the plane.
    I strongly suggest that people search for MH370 on runways which could be as far as Somalia and Yemen, having flown over the Maldives.

    I wish we can find the plane.

  8. Ashok Pradhan says:

    I would like to see it through an entirely different angle.
    MH 370 might have been hit by a meteorite???and thus got evaporated or burnt in to ashes.This may please be examined by NASA scientists.

  9. Jan gos says:

    How do I search around the Maldives it isn’t in the Indian ocean so need to go else were to look.

  10. Robert says:

    It’s not so much crowd-sourcing as it is nut-sourcing.

  11. D Allran says:

    I can see an Airplane sitting on the ground at Quetta International Airport,( Pakistan) that resembles a 777.

    • Another Lynn says:

      And since BOEING said to look in Pakistan, I believe that THIS plane is the one we’re looking for! Think it’s loaded full of bombs yet? Has Israel locked its crosshairs on it yet? Does everyone have a bunker?

    • D Allran says:

      This airplane is sitting there with the emergency exit chutes deployed and also appears that the identifying numbers and insignia are covered up. I have left messages with CNN and FOX news but no response.

    • JAG5517 says:

      Quetta International Airport is reported to be in full Taliban control. The plane had enough fuel to
      make it there, and of all the Pakistan airports, it has the capacity to land a boeing 777, with a landing space of 8200ft, plus the only place that the same boeing could take off, requiring a 11,200ft take off lane. These numbers came from Boeing’s site on the 777.

  12. RowBear says:

    Is it likely that any wreckage that was floating after the incident has sunk by now or will there always be some sort of floating debris field?

  13. Roxy says:

    I’ve been looking at TOMROD as well, but the maps are confined to one general area…so I decided to look in other areas. Can someone please look south of NEW ZEALAND (PACIFIC OCEAN) looks like debre and oil slicks got zoomed in photo’s that look like the body of the plane (windows). Look around the two separate rock area’s.

    • Roxy says:

      Campbell Island south of New Zealand, I used Google maps satellite view but there are definitely oils slicks and debris. You need to look around a bit, but looks like the body of a plane. Upper left from Rocks.

  14. Mike says:

    How do I know where I’m at on the map? I don’t know where I’m searching other than the number they give.

  15. James says:

    Is there any possible way to look at the Tomnod images without having to break through each tiles individually? This is a great feature for photo interpreters but I WANT THE ENTIRE IMAGE VISIBLE WITHOUT HAVING TO POP EACH TILE!!!!!!!

  16. Suresh says:

    Instead of spending so much money and men, what if the situation (of plane’s disappearence) could be simulated by launching a pre programmed unmanned aircraft in to the region, which is programmed such that it’s communication devices are disabled and it’s direction is diverted, (as of the real incident) and been put on auto pilot mode, and let it go. This may probably show in which direction the plane could have gone…

  17. Chelle says: 21787

    and the other maps in my profile, iomnod stopped working.

  18. Christian says:

    Take a look at the map, from saturday 3 15 14 .. At map 139748 there are a lot of “things”in the ocean!

  19. Christian says:

    Sry i mean 127057 look like wreckagr or something else

  20. Mick says:

    I agree the large plane resting at Quetta international airport looks suspicious
    With its emergency chutes deployed and it appears to have no identifying numbers or signage.
    There is a large vehicle resembling a bus parked next to it.
    This most certainly should be looked into by authorities.
    You can see this via google earth. I’m sure there is more sophisticated technology out there that could get a clearer picture than I can.

  21. klaro says: at pos. 2:30 a cross like shaped structure about 20 m across

  22. Christian says:

    I cant believe it!! The new “chinese satellite photos” thats a discover of me here in tomnod !! I hate this , they called “expert” and we get ignore!!!

  23. Another Lynn says:

    So …. does anyone truly believe the official story that the plane is in the Indian Ocean, or is it at Quetta International? I think we should fire all of our leaders instantly when that critter flies into something fully loaded with bombs.

    I used to laugh when we funded Ronnie Reagan’s Star Wars with the full knowledge that a successful implementation would be lucky to stop 3% of incoming missiles. With several different countries fully outfitted with satellites, and multiple countries with full surveillance software, to not know where that plane went, what are we — lucky to detect 3% of planes? Give me a frigging break.

  24. James Lewis says:

    For some reason I was compelled to search this map for 4 hours! Oddly enough take a look at what I found. If you notice, there a lot of spots I highlighted all in that one area? I kept clicking the surrounding map area and noticed it, i searched 2262 Map Tiles and that spot still sticks out.

  25. James Lewis says:

    Update, seriously take a look at the area I just highlighted. Maybe I’m like everyone else but there a lot of objects floating all around in that one area. When I checked the other areas you don’t see anything, but in and around that area is as if something was floating away downward.

  26. Amy says:

    Hey!I suggest you to look on island “GUADALCANAL”
    I think that people from plane are there ,if they are still alive.My english isnt very well but i hope that you can understand me.