Construction company adopts positioning tech for marine projects

November 3, 2020  - By
Photo: Vladimirovic/E+/Getty Images

Photo: Vladimirovic/E+/Getty Images

Offshore construction company Sulmara Subsea has exclusively used Hexagon | VERIPOS solutions since inception to achieve precise, redundant and reliable vessel positioning for a variety of marine construction projects. Projects involving the precise positioning of offshore vessels and subsea assets and vehicles such as ROVs and trenchers are vital to success — even slight errors or loss of connection in surface navigation can lead to problems and down time that can cost millions.

“Sulmara has set out to be an industry leader in innovation and technology from the start. Key to the success of any project is the ability to achieve accurate and reliable global positioning,” said Cory Goodyear, Sulmara’s Americas business unit director. “The support from Veripos to provide not only a cost-effective but reliable service is vital to our operations.

“2020 has seen an unprecedented decline in the oil and gas market, and a growing demand for renewable energy,” Goodyear said. “This has created an even larger demand for lower costs and increased reliability in our services. As a new-start survey company with a goal of establishing itself as a serious competitor, positioning services supported by Veripos was the obvious choice.”

Veripos offers customers several marine receiver options for hydrographic/offshore surveying, dredging, offshore construction, seismic exploration and dynamic positioning. The LD8 ruggedized compact dual-antenna, multi-constellation receiver is best for short-term projects or where space is limited. The larger LD900 can receive Veripos services through a multi-channel L-band demodulator. The multi-constellation receiver is configurable to allow GNSS heading and inertial positioning. It has an intuitive color display for configuration and monitoring. A kit allows the receiver to be installed within vessel equipment racks.