CNES offers new Android apps for GNSS

April 24, 2017  - By

PPP Wizzlight.

French space agency CNES has made available two applications on the Google Play store for Android apps. Both are compatible with Android N (Nougat).

RTCM Converter: This app aims to convert the smartphone GNSS raw measurements to Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM message type 1077) and send them to a caster, for use by third-party software.

PPP WizzLite: This app is a port of the CNES PPP client (code and Doppler only, light version) on Android. Accuracies of 1-2 meters can be reached in kinematic mode, and sub-meter in static mode (using external SBAS data). To do so, users need to pull external RTCM streams for orbits/clocks corrections and broadcasts, such as ones available from the International GNSS Service Real-Time Service (IGS RTS).

Both apps have been validated on a Nexus 5X device with no phase support.


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