CHC Navigation introduces i73 GNSS and iBase GNSS receivers

September 15, 2020  - By

An IMU-RTK GNSS receiver that fits in your hand and a fully integrated GNSS base station add a new scale to GNSS surveying applications.

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has announced the immediate availability of the i73 GNSS, a versatile pocket-sized IMU-RTK GNSS rover with an integrated inertial module and the iBase GNSS, a rugged base GNSS receiver.

The combination of the i73 GNSS and the iBase GNSS offers a productive and affordable solution for measuring and staking out points in any surveying, mapping or construction application.

“Surveyors and construction professionals are forced to carry heavy and cumbersome GNSS receivers in most situations, resulting in unnecessary fatigue and lower productivity,” said Hans Huang, product manager of CHC Navigation’s Survey and Engineering Division. “Taking this into account, we have developed our pocket-sized i73 GNSS, the lightest GNSS rover powered by the latest IMU-RTK technology, and much more. Our iBase GNSS station follows the same concept of an all-in-one solution, making the need for external radio modems and other bulky accessories obsolete.”

The i73 Pocket IMU-RTK GNSS: A new scale to GNSS

The i73 Pocket IMU-RTK GNSS. (Photo: CHCNAV)

The i73 Pocket IMU-RTK GNSS. (Photo: CHCNAV)

Weighing only 730 grams yet with 15 hours of operating time, the i73 GNSS is one of the lightest and most rugged RTK GNSS receivers on the market.

Easy to carry and use, the i73 will not tire out field workers. It offers superior GNSS signal tracking enables surveys beyond the usual constraints. It features full 624-channel GNSS technology and connects seamlessly to RTK GNSS networks as well as to UHF GNSS station over its embedded UHF modem.

Automatic pole-tilt compensation. The i73 GNSS internal interference-free inertial module (IMU) allows automatic pole tilt compensation of up to 45 degrees. Projects are completed 30% faster and with increased efficiency and safety when measuring hard-to-reach points.

The iBASE GNSS: Redefining the concept of GNSS base station

The iBASE GNSS receiver. (Photo: CHCNAV)

The iBASE GNSS receiver. (Photo: CHCNAV)

The GNSS iBase is a fully integrated GNSS base station, specifically designed to meet 95% of surveyors’ needs when working in UHF GNSS base and rover mode. The performance of the iBase UHF base station compared to a conventional external UHF radio modem is virtually identical. But its unique design eliminates the need for a heavy external battery, bulky cables, an external radio, and a radio antenna. Its 5-watt radio module provides operational GNSS RTK coverage up to 8 km.

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