CHC Offers LT400HS GNSS Handheld

August 26, 2013  - By

The LT400HS GNSS by CHC.

CHC today announced the availability of the LT400HS, a rugged 120-channel GPS+GLONASS handheld receiver designed to achieve sub-meter SBAS positioning to centimeter accuracy in RTK networks. The LT400HS is designed to be a cost-effective yet powerful GNSS device for survey, construction and GIS professionals.

The LT400HS is designed for companies that have not yet invested in GNSS technology due to cost or occasional equipment use, such as earth-moving and landscape contractors, real estate developers, construction SMEs, agriculture irrigation companies, and utilities mapping companies.

“The LT400HS GNSS handheld series is a compact, rugged, accurate and easy-to-use GNSS receiver to perform surveying and precision mapping tasks wherever RTK Network corrections are available,” said George Zhao, CEO of CHC. “The LT400HS offers unrivaled performance, an attractive price point filling the price performance gap that exists in the industry between GIS level collectors and professional RTK rovers such as our recently introduced X+ GNSS Series. ”

The LT400HS Series features:

  • Professional 120-channel GNSS Engine – L1/L2 GPS + GLONASS supporting RTCM network RTK corrections and industry standard NMEA output.
  • 3.7” daylight readable transflective VGA touch screen.
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS phone with data transmission, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Built-in 5 megapixel autofocus camera to capture assets information.

It comes bundled with Carlson’s SurvCE software for survey and construction professionals, or DigiTerra Explorer Mobile GIS software  for accurate GIS field data collection and maintenance.

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  1. LA says:

    We (surveyors) all knew the day of RTK in our phone would be here (it’s just a really big phone). Specs look great, will be nice to see what the price will be.

  2. EMEKA NGENE says:


  3. LA and Emeka,

    Thanks for your interest in our products. The LT400HS without software (ready for ArcMobile or ArcPad) is $6,890 with all options unlocked. Bundled with Digiterra or SurvCE and the external pole for accurate point location is $7,990 complete.

    I’ve used this unit for demonstrations the last couple of weeks and it is hands down the best high accuracy GIS (or RTK Network only rover) unit available.

    Please visit us at or find us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Highest Regards,
    Lance H. André, North American Sales Manager
    CHC Navigation Technology
    Dubuque, Iowa 52001

    Mob: (563) 543-2784
    Email: Lance_Andre at
    Skype: lance_h_andre

  4. orthnel humes says:

    would like to know the cost please.

  5. Orthnel, please expand all comments, you’ll see my reply as to the cost of the receiver/data collector. Please feel free to contact me or to locate your closest dealer.

  6. OSurvey says:

    Just when I was thinking the TSC3 was the “current” zenith here comes the LT400.
    I would appreciate some feedback on the price, especially since I am now considering upgrading my TSC2

    • Lance Andre says:

      Looks like my prior response was removed… MSRP is 6490 ready for software, 6890 with DigiTerra software only, or 7990 with SurvCE and the external antenna kit (only required for accurately centering over a point).

  7. stephen says:

    US$8000 is damn too expensive, to qualify as cost effective, it should not be more than US$1000 – US$1500

  8. ALBERTO TIMBA says:

    I live in Mozambique, i like to have the price of your LT400HS product and the delivery time.
    Highest Regards

  9. Lance Andre says:

    Alberto, please expand all comments, you’ll see my reply as to the cost of the receiver/data collector. Please feel free to contact to locate your closest dealer.

  10. Accuracy based on RTK Ground Station.
    I live in Pakistan & no RTK Station is available for general use.

    Dose it’s provides cm accuracy without RTK station.

    Await for response

    Khursheed Iqbal

    • Lance Andre says:

      To perform RTK, you must always have a base station. CHC offers both a portable base station (X900+/x91+) or the fixed base station (N71).

      The LT400HS will produce 40 cm accuracy using GAGAN.

      Please contact for more information.