Skypine car navigation maker adopts Furuno receiver with dead reckoning

December 7, 2016  - By

Chinese car navigation systems company Skypine has adopted Furuno’s GPS receiver with a dead-reckoning function.

Furuno Electric, headquartered in Nishinomiya, Japan, said its receiver GV-86 has been adopted for use in the car navigation platform designed and produced by Skypine — a major car electronics manufacturer in China.

GV-86 will be installed in the car navigation systems designed for major automotive companies, not only in Japan but also around the world and the specialized companies, which Skypine contracted.

Furuno’s GV-86 is used by many automotive customers requiring high quality and reliability. Additionally, thanks to the dead-reckoning function, GV-86 achieves high-accuracy performances in deep urban canyons where the accuracy of GNSS-only positions could be reduced.


Skypine’s car navigation systems (left); Furuno’s Multi-GNSS Receiver Chip eRideOPUS 6 and GPS+DR Receiver Module GV-86.

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