Calgary Company Switches from GPS Handhelds to TerraGo

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The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in Interior, Alaska

The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System in Interior, Alaska.

Enmapp, a pipeline services company based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has replaced its proprietary GPS handhelds with TerraGo Edge and Eos Arrow receivers. TerraGo Edge is a mobile GPS data collection platform that integrates with the Eos Arrow series of GNSS receivers to bring advanced sub-meter and centimeter real-time accuracy to any smartphone or tablet.

Enmapp provides data collection services to energy companies for pipeline construction and maintenance. Before TerraGo Edge, Enmapp relied on all-in-one GPS handheld devices, but became convinced the cost, features and performance were increasingly out of line with the mobile revolution fueled by Apple and Android solutions. After an extensive evaluation, Enmapp selected TerraGo Edge and Eos Arrow 100 receiver for a field trial so they could compare their performance against the GPS handhelds.

Eos Positioning's Arrow 200 Bluetooth receiver now supports Hemisphere's Atlas correction service,

Eos Positioning’s Arrow 200 Bluetooth receiver now supports Hemisphere’s Atlas correction service,

After downloading the app on the crew’s iPads and pairing the Eos Arrow 100 via Bluetooth, they were up and running within minutes. “The results were astounding,” reads a TerraGo press release. “Not only did the Eos GPS receiver meet the GPS handheld’s accuracy requirements, in some cases it was much better. The efficiency of the crews was far superior with the native iPad features of TerraGo Edge, versus the old-style stylus and PDA screens of the legacy equipment. The labor costs were also reduced because they were able to use real-time GPS from the Eos Arrow 100 and reduce post-processing. Enmapp declared TerraGo Edge and Eos the clear winner, and have now deployed TerraGo Edge on all field personnel iPads, along with a Bluetooth-connected, sub-meter GPS receiver, the Eos Arrow 100.”

“The hardware savings are enormous with the new GPS kit at less than $10,000 compared to the old kit which was over $70,000. But the ongoing reduction of project labor costs is even more valuable over time,” said Lance Fugate, program manager at Enmapp. “The cost reductions and efficiency improvements are a game-changer for us. As our industry continues to look for innovation from its service providers, TerraGo Edge enables us to deliver more efficiently. We can pass these savings directly to our customers with each and every future project.”

The TerraGo Edge is available for either iOS or Android.

Below is an exclusive interview with John Timar about TerraGo Edge from the GEOINT 2015 conference.

Jean-Yves Lauture of Eos Positioning discusses the Arrow 200 GNSS receiver at the Esri User Conference.

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