AutoSteer accelerates autopilot for farmers

September 18, 2017  - By

Tersus GNSS Inc. has released a new AutoSteer autopilot for agricultural machinery.

The AG960 AutoSteer System is designed to accelerate the application of autopilot for precision agricultural machinery and enhance and optimize operational accuracy and productivity for modern farmers.

By integrating high-precision real-time kinematic (RTK) receiver and software, the AG960 enables agricultural machines to operate in accordance with a pre-set planning path. Using precise GNSS guidance, the hydraulic system of the agricultural machinery is steered by the vehicle controller.

Agricultural machines can operate aligned with the set route automatically, while graphical detailsare displayed on the vehicle display panel. The system is easy to use and applicable for each working cycle of agriculture, such as soil tillage, plowing, building of ditches and ridges, seeding, spraying and harvesting.

Tersus plans to launch a series of solutions that meet the requirements of different farming machines. The AG960 was first commercially deployed in China, and will be rolled out in other regions around the world.

Austosteer Components

The AG960 AutoSteer System includes:

  • two GNSS antennas
  • vehicle display panel computer
  • high-precision positioning receiver: GPS L1/L2, GLONASS G1/G2, BDS B1/B2, Galileo, QZSS
  • hydraulic valve (steering wheel optional)
  • autopilot (controller)
  • coaxial rotation direction sensor
  • electromagnetic hydraulic valve
  • radio receiving antenna mast/pedestal

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