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Antenova ships tiny GNSS active antenna module

September 5, 2018  - By

Antenova is shipping its ultra-small GNSS active antenna module for tiny positioning devices, the RADIONOVA M20047-1. The antenna module includes a low noise amplifier (LNA) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) filter for better positioning from difficult locations.

Antenova Ltd. is a manufacturer of antennas and RF antenna modules for connected devices and the internet of things.

The RADIONOVA M20047-1 is designed for small consumer devices such as smartwatches. (Photo: Antenova)

The RADIONOVA M20047-1 is designed for small consumer devices such as smartwatches. (Photo: Antenova)

The RADIONOVA M20047-1 is an active antenna module for GNSS applications in the 1559-1609 MHz satellite bands using GPS, GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou.

The M20047-1 antenna module comprises an SMD antenna with built-in active components: an LNA filter and SAW to boost antenna performance — so designers will not need to add these — contained in a compact FR4 part with low power consumption, measuring 7.0 x 7.0 x 0.9 millimeters and weighing less than 2 grams.

The onboard LNA and SAW filter act to boost the signal to the GNSS processor in environments where there is a restricted view of the sky or where line-of-sight to the horizon is difficult, the company said.

Architecture of the Antenova antenna. (Image: Antenova)

Architecture of the Antenova antenna. (Image: Antenova)

Antenova has also added an external matching feature to compensate for any de-tuning of the antenna caused by proximity to other components, such as a plastic case or a battery.

The clear-out area required by the antenna module is only 7.0  x 5.0 millimeters. This, with its tiny size, makes the M20047-1 suitable for small positioning devices where space on the PCB is tight, such as wearable devices, asset tracking devices, sports cameras and equipment and smartwatches.

The M20047-1 is an alternative to Antenova’s Sinica antenna (part no. SR4G008), which Antenova also recommends for accurate positioning.

The M20047-1 was first announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January.

Antenova’s antennas are specifically designed for easy integration. The datasheet and evaluation kit for the M20047-1 are available from Antenova also provides full engineering support, antenna testing, tuning and integration for its customers.