Aerodyne Group promotes cross-border UAV delivery service

March 1, 2024  - By

Aerodyne Group, a UAV-based enterprise solutions provider, and Singapore-based DroneDash Technologies have partnered to initiate cross-border UAV delivery services. The collaboration is designed to advance logistics and supply chain capabilities between Malaysia and Singapore and enhance operational efficiency by offering a delivery solution that is five times faster than traditional sea freight.

Under the partnership, UAVs will navigate through regulatory landscapes to secure necessary permits for establishing shore-to-shore operations along the Malaysia-Singapore corridor. The initiative focuses on safe navigation through congested maritime and aerial paths by offering a navigation system supported by satellite communications and 5G roaming.

Commercial operations are expected to begin in the third quarter of 2024 with UAVs capable of carrying up to 30 kg, reaching speeds of 150 km/h within a four-hour flight span.

The service is designed for critical deliveries such as urgent documents, high-value electronics, medical supplies and perishable foods. The UAV has features to enhance cross-border logistics, including real-time tracking and advanced security protocols, including 256-bit encryption and blockchain technology for logistical oversight.

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