A2Z Drone Delivery launches heavy-lift delivery UAV

August 15, 2023  - By


Image: A2Z Drone Delivery

Image: A2Z Drone Delivery

A2Z Drone Delivery, developer of commercial UAV delivery solutions, has launched its second generation RDST integrated cargo UAV, the RDST Longtail. The RDST Longtail features the company’s factory-integrated RDS2 drone winch, allowing payloads to be deposited safely from altitude so that spinning rotors are kept far from people and property.

The RDST Longtail serves as an off-the-shelf, ready-to-fly delivery UAV for last mile delivery. It can deliver or retrieve payloads up to 5 kg and over a distance of 11 km, making it suitable for various applications such as local parcel or food delivery, emergency medical deliveries, water sampling programs, offshore logistics, search and rescue operations and more.

The RDST Longtail continues the company’s focus on addressing consumer-protection concerns as the number of residential drone deliveries increases. By conducting deliveries from altitude, A2Z Drone Delivery’s solutions protect recipients from spinning UAV propellers, while mitigating privacy concerns of low-flying UAVs. Depositing payloads from altitude also keeps the UAV high above trees, power lines and buildings, enabling longer sight distances for missions requiring visual line of sight.

With the upgrades made to the RDST Longtail, A2Z Drone Delivery aims to democratize drone delivery for residential delivery and cases where operators need to quickly and efficiently deliver or retrieve payloads. For example, A2Z Drone Delivery platforms are in use delivering emergency defibrillators to first responders in the field, collecting water samples for analysis and delivering supplies in disaster relief efforts.

The UAV can also auto-release packages without the need for a recipient to be present at the delivery location. This is made possible by the all-new bag auto-release mechanism, allowing for easy pickups and auto-releasing of bags during deliveries.

Designed to meet FAA regulations, the RDST Longtail is remote ID compliant with a factory-integrated remote ID beacon. The Premium edition of the drone can fly in inclement weather and features a quick-release battery system for minimal downtime.

“Our prototype RDST Longtail has already logged 500 flight hours conducting daily residential parcel deliveries near our Ground Zero Test Facility outside Shanghai,” said Aaron Zhang, founder and CEO of A2Z Drone Delivery. “Many of the upgrades included in this second generation RDST have been made in response to customer feedback on capabilities they need to deploy for missions in inclement weather. The RDST Longtail is the flexible commercial delivery UAV for last-mile deliveries that will round out a logistics fleet.”

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