U.K. UAV surveying company creates specialized solution for rail clients

April 17, 2023  - By
Image: Plowman Craven

Image: Plowman Craven

Plowman Craven, a United Kingdom-based aerial surveying company, has launched the Vogel Freedom UAV data collection solution designed for owners and operators of rail networks.

The Vogel Freedom UAV solution aims to solve issues rail operators face in carrying out network surveys, including traffic disruptions and dangers created for workers needing access to infrastructure for ground point sensors.

The platform requires fewer ground points to deliver topographical surveys. It can also produce sub-5 mm accurate rail system models using off-track sensor placement.

Operating from offices in London and Hertfordshire, Plowman and Craven is one of the largest infrastructure surveying and inspection businesses in the U.K.

“We developed Vogel Freedom in response to ever-increasing industry challenges and needs,” Steve Jones, head of new business at Plowman Craven, said. “It removes previous limitations to surveying and can add substantial value… all while improving workers’ safety and ensuring a safe and efficient rail service for customers.”