Topcon Offers HiPer SR Integrated Receiver for GIS, Mapping

July 8, 2013  - By
HiPerSR_GIS_Topcon-W Photo: Topcon Positioning Systems

Photo: Topcon Positioning Systems

Topcon Positioning Systems has announced the HiPer SR integrated receiver for GIS and mapping applications.

The HiPer SR for GIS is a compact, integrated GNSS receiver with sub-meter accuracy. Additional, scalable options are available via OAF (Options Authorization File) upgrades, delivering accuracy levels of sub-decimeter and centimeter without the need for additional hardware, Topcon said.

The HiPer SR for GIS can be paired with a Topcon controller and eGIS software, or used with Topcon’s eGPS utility software to use with a third-party device and application such as ArcPad or ArcGIS mobile running on a Windows tablet or mobile device.

“The HiPer SR for GIS brings the very finest in Topcon GNSS technology into a compact and rugged housing,” Jason Hooten, TPS sales manager for GIS, said. “Superior tracking and positioning is provided by the HiPer SR’s Vanguard receiver technology with advanced Fence Antenna.”

“GIS field work is changing as more field workers are using various types of collection devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops in addition to the traditional data collectors. Unfortunately, the GPS in these devices are not accurate enough for locating buried assets or doing initial inventory collection. The HiPer SR provides this accuracy regardless of job site demands,” Hooten said.

HiPerSR_Topcon-W Photo: Topcon Positioning Systems

Photo: Topcon Positioning Systems

“The new HiPer SR is an adaptable device that can be used to locate utilities within an inch one day and the next provide sub-meter accuracy for an environmental study. This device provides accurate positioning to different applications as needed. The HiPer SR is small in size, but giant in performance and flexibility.”

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