TerraGo Edge version 4 uses iOS, Android flexibility

June 1, 2017  - By

The profession of land surveying has taken advantage of many technological location and measuring advancements, yet most of the data collectors used today are still based upon aging proprietary data collectors and even older operating system platforms.

A common tool for most surveyors is the smartphone or tablet, so TerraGo developed an application that takes advantage of the nimble programming of iOS and Android.

The TerraGo Edge 4 mapping application utilizes all the best features of today’s mobile technology, according to TerraGo. Besides an intuitive interface, Edge 4 allows users to customize how their data is collected and presented, including overlays on Google and Apple maps.

Depending on the user’s needs, Edge 4 can use the device’s Bluetooth connection to an external GNSS receiver for greater accuracy.

Sharing is also easy with publishing and ArcGIS exporting plug-ins, all in a mobile environment most users are familiar with using every day, the company said.

GPS and GIS features include:

  • Sub-meter and centimeter precision
  • Real-time GPS monitor
  • Full NMEA GPS metadata display and capture
  • GPS accuracy settings
  • RTK support
  • Dynamic BT device list
  • Auto-record GPS Lines and Polygons
  • Import and export Esri file geodatabase, Shapefile, KML, CSV, JSON
  • OGC GeoPackage (SQLite) vector and raster

Learn more on the TerraGo Edge features page.

TerraGo Edge version 4.0 offers a completely redesigned app based on customer feedback, field user observations and task-centered design cycles, as well as a host of new features including the addition of Google and Apple basemaps.

“The new interface is so much more than just a ‘look and feel’ change; it will allow us to more efficiently execute projects and improve data quality in less taps and less time, which is a force multiplier when you’re talking about thousands of data points per day,” said Scott Riccardella, director of oil and gas business development at Structural Integrity Associates. “Having the right tool is essential to getting any job done right, and TerraGo is ahead of the game when it comes to giving my field teams the best possible tool for the fastest, most accurate and highest-quality asset inspections.”

“We have completely rebuilt the mobile user interface from the ground up to improve all aspects of the app’s performance, and while users will notice the stunning graphics and aesthetics, the real value is that the feature or data you need is always just one tap away,” said Dave Basil, vice president of product development at TerraGo. “By incorporating the latest native design elements like tabbed navigation, responsive split screens and adaptive list views, we found ways to improve the speed and efficiency of the work our customers do every day.”

TerraGo Edge’s latest features include:

  • Reimagined user experience: Rebuild of the Edge mobile user interface incorporating both years of user feedback from the field and interactive design cycles with live users.
  • Google and Apple maps: Standard, satellite and hybrid maps are available for data collection and are paired with new precise location pin icons for a cutting edge data collection experience.
  • Tabbed app navigation: With the new, easier to reach tabbed navigation, it’s easier to collect data in the field.
  • Quick capture button: Allows users to create notes, complete forms, take photos, drop points and draw lines/polygons from virtually anywhere in the app, with only one tap.
  • Unlimited attachments: Now users can attach as many forms, photos or videos as you would like to a single note.
  • Responsive split screen view: When holding a tablet or larger mobile device in landscape mode, new split screens will automatically allow userse to view lists/maps or lists/details on one screen.
  • Detailed list view: The new detailed list view shows more of the important note data making it easier to find notes, and enables one-tap actions directly from the list.
  • One-tap forms and maps lists: Now users can view all the form templates, and instantly create notes using them, or view all your offline maps and directly access them, from one master list.
  • Precise location: Users can capture a more accurate location when creating notes by using the center crosshair target and coordinate level accuracy for dropping points and drawing lines/polygons.
  • Filter by map extent: This new feature keeps the notes on a map and in a list dynamically in sync.
  • Quick basemap preview: Preview online and offline basemaps in real-time from the selection screen to choose a map with one tap and no toggling back and forth.
  • Arc2Edge plug-in: ArcGIS Desktop users can directly share maps and features with mobile users, allowing them to roundtrip updates and new features from the field back to ArcGIS.