Techtree launches 3D geospatial map platform

January 22, 2024  - By

Image: Techtree

Techtree Innovation has launched AROUND, a high-precision, high-resolution 3D geospatial map platform designed to improve the quality and accuracy of existing 3D maps.

According to the company, AROUND is based on its existing 3D map generation and rendering technology. It offers four solutions for various industrial applications, such as urban or smart city planning, simulation, military and disaster management.

AROUND intends to provide high-precision, high-resolution 3D geospatial maps rendered with satellite maps, GIS data, 3D scanning using the photogrammetry software mapping (PSM) method, and high-end graphic production technology using the Unreal Engine, a 3D rendering platform.

The mapping platform aims to increase realism by implementing various visual geospatial information data — including terrain, buildings, vegetation, roads, transmission towers, traffic lights, signs and signboards, weather conditions, sunlight, coordinate data, elevation differences, and more from the real world. It is characterized by having accuracy and resolution within 5 cm and unifying all high and low altitude resolutions.

AROUND can be used for digital twins, smart city construction, autonomous driving, aviation, military training and education, disaster prediction, smart city or urban planning, review, architecture, design and more.

Image: Techtree

Image: Techtree

The platform offers four geospatial 3D map solutions tailored to users’ individual needs: is a solution that simulates the construction and development of urban areas or buildings. Through city simulation, 3D visualization, and data, can be used for analysis of various environments such as commercial, cultural, and residential facilities, and for space, environment, planning, design, and landscaping. The platform is designed to aid in the establishment and exploration of alternative plans, progress of development and evaluation in urban planning.


 AROUND.real provides high-quality 3D visualization mapping data with all collisions and blocks placed, which can be used in simulators of aircraft such as urban air mobility (UAM), helicopters, airplanes, autonomous cars, and various transportation means based on the development platform.

Using digital twins, AROUND.real allows for safe testing in risky real boarding and training areas. It also implements a variety of accurate and detailed visual-spatial information data, such as real terrain and buildings, grass, roads, utility poles, traffic lights, signs and signboards, weather conditions, and sunlight.


 AROUND.sim visualizes refined data on various environmental factors such as building wind, flood, and population density in a specific area using the high-precision, real-world terrain and structures provided by the AROUND platform. Through this, users can predict problems about complex future situations in the same environment as reality, derive insights, or propose solutions. is a 3D real-estate marketing solution that already has commercialization achievements in the construction and allotment market. It visually represents the vision and buildings of the future that do not exist at the time of pre-sale, addressing the disadvantages of the existing pre-sale market, and implements all visual expressions such as virtual tours of all surrounding locations and pre-sale complexes, traffic, development plans, development benefits, view rights, and sunlight rights, just like reality.

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