Talen-X gets GPS Directorate security approval for BroadSim

November 2, 2016  - By

Talen-X has been given security approval by the GPS Directorate, allowing BroadSim to create and process Y-Code while in a classified environment.

BroadSim is a software-defined GNSS simulator that enables users to easily model true and spoofed signals. BroadSim was developed to simplify advanced jamming and spoofing scenarios with Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) testing in mind.

BroadSim supports high dynamics, advanced jamming, spoofing and encrypted military codes.

Powered by Skydel’s SDX 1000-Hz software simulator engine, BroadSim can simulate multiple constellations including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou.Photo: Talen-X

Software features:

  • Capable of generating and simulating multiple signal types
  • GPS L1, L2 with C/A, P, Y and M
  • GLONASS G1 and G2
  • Galileo E1 and E5
  • BeiDou B1 and B2
  • Intuitive control using Skydel’s SDX software
  • Utilizes four RF outputs, each with multiple simultaneous constellations
  • Generates high-fidelity jamming and interference signals

BroadSim hardware includes a generator and controller with two integrated commercial-off-the-shelf USRP radios, an integrated OctoClock-G with GPS disciplined oscillator, four frequency-independent transmit and receive channels and a UBX-160 RF daughterboard.