Software simplifies surveying with both GPS and total station

April 3, 2022  - By
Photo: Carlson Software

Photo: Carlson Software

A module for SurvCE version 6 software enables surveying with mixed brands of GNSS receivers and total stations. SurvCE is a data-collection software package from Carlson Software. SurvPC Hybrid + provides driver support for numerous devices, allowing the surveyor to interface with both types.

Features of SurvPC Hybrid+ include:

Follow Me. An alternative to optical tracking, Follow Me continuously turns the total station towards the prism using the location as determined using GNSS. This eliminates stray reflectors and lengthy searches.

Smart Lock. The software will automatically detect when a user is slowing to take a measurement and lock on the prism so that it’s ready to go.

Smart Staking. With smart staking, it will no longer be necessary to maintain optical tracking during stakeout. Stakeout directions are kept fresh using the GNSS receiver as the surveyor approaches a stakeout point. When close to the point, the total station will automatically turn and lock on the prism for the final staking precision needed.

Cross Check. SurvCE will automatically cross-check the total station and positions determined using GNSS and warn the surveyor when they differ.

Backup Tracking. With backup tracking, SurvCE will automatically show the position determined using GNSS on the map when the total station isn’t locked.

Hybrid-Resection. Easy hybrid-resection allows for setup anywhere using positions determined using GNSS to calculate the total station occupied point and orientation. Measurements from the GPS and total station are time-synchronized for an accurate and simple one-tap resection measurement.

Auto-Localize. Simplify setup by seamlessly auto-localizing the GPS receiver as total-station points are stored.

Easy Setup Wizard. The easy setup wizard walks users through setup using auto-localization, hybrid resection or hybrid localization, then finishes with a cross-check for quick project start.