Septentrio to supply GNSS boards for WingtraOne mapping drone

February 28, 2018  - By

Belgian GNSS receiver manufacturer Septentrio was selected by Swiss drone manufacturer Wingtra to supply GNSS OEM receiver boards and PPK processing software for the recently-launched WingtraOne PPK drone.

The combination of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) technology and a high-spec post-process kinematics (PPK) brings wide-area coverage at ultra-high precision.

Following a flight, the GNSS data of the WingtraOne is processed offline using Septentrio’s PPK software. This combines the drone data with correction data from a nearby reference receiver to get accurate cm-level geolocations for every photograph.

The on-board high-resolution Sony RX1RII camera, AsteRx-m2 UAS receiver board combined with Septentrio’s PPK library, and Pix4D photogrammetry processing software are together able to produce ground precisions of 1.3 centimeter (cm) horizontal and 2.3 cm vertical.

Image: Wingtra

Image: Wingtra

“With the WingtraOne PPK, we can offer a world first in drone photogrammetry — wide coverage at ultra-high precision,” said Armin Ambühl, CTO of Wingtra. “In a single one-hour flight, the WingtraOne can cover 130 ha (320 acres) delivering mapping with GSDs [ground sample distance] below 1 cm/pixel with absolute accuracy down to 1.27 cm.”

He continued, “WingtraOne’s advantage is twofold: it combines VTOL with the latest PPK technology from Septentrio. With VTOL we can offer the best of both worlds: multirotors and fixed-wings. Vertical take-off and landing means hands-free operation and a smoother ride for the on-board camera payload. Secondly, efficient flying in fixed-wing mode means far greater coverage than any comparable multirotor.”

“We are proud and excited to be part of this innovative project with Wingtra pushing the boundaries of aerial photogrammetry,” said Gustavo Lopez, product manager at Septentrio. “The WingtraOne incorporates our AsteRx-m2 UAS OEM board and, photogrammetry applications requiring high-precision, low-latency positioning are what it does best. The board is specifically designed for quick and easy integration and, with Septentrio’s world-first, multi-frequency PPK, cm-level precision can now reach the parts dual-constellation solutions feared to tread.”