Russia tests new GLONASS-guided missile

September 22, 2020  - By
Photo: Russia Ministry of Defense

Photo: Russia Ministry of Defense

The Russian Defense Ministry has tested new ammunition for its Tornado-S missile system, which is delivered via the multiple launch rocket system (MLRS), reports Russian newspaper Izvestia. Tornado-S is an ultra-long-range missile with a previous flight.

The new MLRS is equipped with GLONASS signal reception equipment and an automated guidance and fire control system. The operator can enter coordinates into the system and give the command to set the guides and open fire. In addition, the system can itself receive and process information from reconnaissance vehicles and drones. For each missile, both range and azimuth angle can be set. The MLRS can launch 12 missile at once.

Previously, the declared flight range of the Tornado-S missiles was about 120 km. Distance with the new ammunition was not disclosed, but the goal was 200 km. The main feature of the missiles is the ability to turn on the target after launch.

The Russian Army was expected to receive 30+ Tornado MLRS this year.

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