New mapping technology helps Santa deliver toys more efficiently

December 21, 2015  - By

This holiday season, Santa Claus is using innovative technology to become even more efficient. He will be using RippleNami, a cloud-based visualization platform, to efficiently and safely deliver presents.

Our favorite jolly man is one busy fellow. Not only does he have to keep track of the naughty and nice kids all year long and make the appropriate number of toys and lumps of coal, he then has to visit the homes of children all over the world in a single night. There are many things Santa has to keep in mind as he’s planning his yearly trek across the globe — such as weather conditions, flight patterns of other aircraft, and which homes have chimneys. How does Santa possibly keep track of everything?

RippleNami, a cloud-based visualization platform, allows users such as Santa to access data from countless sources and customize information layers into an easy-to-use map. Below is a snapshot of the data Santa can integrate into the RippleNami platform to efficiently and safely deliver presents this year.

  • Weather Conditions — Poor weather conditions can significantly impact Santa’s route. Fog in particular has traditionally been a difficulty, even with the help of Rudolph’s nose. RippleNami allows Santa to track fog in real time, so he knows when Rudolph’s nose is necessary, and when the reindeer can take a break.
  • Aviation Incidents — Santa’s sleigh isn’t the only thing flying on Christmas Eve. Tracking flight patterns and visualizing where aviation incidents have recently occurred help Santa avoid collisions and plan the fastest route.
  • Naughty and Nice Lists — Santa is diligent in keeping track of which kids are naughty and which are nice. He makes a list, and checks it twice! But even Santa could use help planning how many toys versus lumps of coal he needs to pack in his sleigh before the big night. And what if a child who has been nice all year long suddenly throws a fit Christmas Eve? With RippleNami, Santa will be alerted in real time and can pick up some extra coal accordingly.

Here is a visual of what Santa sees when he’s using the platform.