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Loctronix IDS Captures Real-World GPS Jamming Interference

October 14, 2014  - By
Image: GPS World

A newly published white paper by Loctronix Corporation presents preliminary test results of its Interference Detection System (IDS), which included capturing two separate incidents of intentional interference caused by a sweep jammer device. On October 23, Loctronix will host a webinar, “Detecting GNSS Interference in the Wild,” based on the findings revealed in the white paper “Catching a Jammer.”

In recent tests, the IDS ran continuously for 24 hours monitoring for potential interference originating from traffic on a nearby highway, SR-522, passing through Woodinville, Washington. “In a single day, the IDS detected two separate instances of a sweep jammer moving along the highway,” noted Loctronix Founder and CEO Michael Mathews. “These discoveries were unexpected, given the relatively short monitoring period and the fact that SR-522 is not a heavy truck-route.”

“The two interference events were likely caused by sweep jammers installed within a vehicle’s interior. The intercepted signals exhibited significant variations in amplitude probably caused by the jammer antenna non-uniform radiation pattern as the jammer vehicle passed through the IDS antenna beam pattern,” Mathews added.

Intentional interference is designed to prevent a GPS receiver from acquiring and tracking signals. The use of jammers is in the U.S. is illegal; however, they can still be purchased for as little as $30. Thousands of GPS jammers are purportedly in use throughout Europe and several parties have been caught illegally jamming GPS in the U.S.

Loctronix developed the IDS to identify, characterize, and ultimately geolocate GPS interference. When interference is present, the system analyzes the interference for signal structure and notifies operators if the threat is significant.

The IDS is highly portable, simple to use, and cost-effective, Loctronix said. The system is based upon the Loctronix ASR-2300 software defined radio platform, making it readily configurable (from a single mobile detector to a multi-sensor network array) to monitor additional GNSS bands and, potentially, cellular bands.

Loctronix’ webinar, ”Detecting GNSS Interference in the Wild,” will be held October 23, 10-11 a.m. PDT.

In the video below, Michael B. Mathews, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Loctronix, tells GPS World about the IDS at the ION GNSS+ Conference, held September in Tampa, Florida.