Leica Geosystems Launches Mobile Mapping Solution Pegasus:One

June 7, 2013  - By

Photo: Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems has launched Pegasus:One, a flexible, mobile mapping platform that offers an intuitive mobile mapping solution for professionals. Pegasus:One allows service providers to use their existing terrestrial scanner in profiler mode for mobile mapping. Pegasus:One is vehicle independent and comes self-contained in two Pelican cases, enabling users to fly in, map, and fly out.

The Leica Pegasus:One mobile mapping software platform, ArcGDS, draws on synergies resulting from Leica Geosystems’ recent acquisition of Geosoft S.r.l. and is a complete solution from data acquisition to post-processing to database, Leica Geosystems said. It offers users immediate access to their imagery and point cloud data together in the same GUI. Users navigate visually through their images, clicking in their street views, and can add GIS metadata or calculate distances on the fly. Both the imagery and point cloud are calibrated together, so clicking in one immediately provides access to the data in the other.

With nearly 1 billion stop signs and 3.9 million miles of public road in the United States alone, transportation-related asset management provides substantial opportunities, Leica Geosystems said. Additionally, the introduction of new driver assisted technology for cars is putting tremendous pressure on transportation departments to document their highway systems to enable this technology to work successfully. The Leica Pegasus:One provides a solution for both applications.

In the United States, more than 700 thousand billboards exist with new laws limiting the total number of billboards allowed and their placement. Ensuring compliance will generate revenue for states and municipalities around billboard placement, and is now cost effective with the Leica Pegasus:One platform – by simply driving by, Leica Geosystems said.

“Leica Pegasus:One is an enabling product,” said Stuart Woods, vice president for Leica Geosystems’ Geospatial Division. “By providing a single integrated solution and by making our customers’ scanners mobile, we enable our customers to be more efficient.”

In situations where users want or can only afford to capture images, Leica offers an image-only system without a scanner. This provides the same calibrated camera and leverages photogrammetry software to calculate distances from the images – ideal for GIS applications. No longer is the only option a “video recorder on wheels” — now images can be used for distance calculations, Leica Geosystems said.

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