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Module for system integrators

Size, weight and power designed for smaller unmanned platforms

MB-Two module by Trimble.

MB-Two module by Trimble.

The MB-Two GNSS module delivers highly accurate GNSS-based heading plus pitch or roll in an advanced industry standard form-factor for system integrators. The module’s embedded Z-Blade GNSS technology uses all available dual-frequency GNSS signals equally, without any constellation preference, to deliver fast and stable centimeter-accurate position and heading information. The MB-Two is designed for a wide variety of applications such as unmanned, agriculture, automotive, marine and military systems. The MB-Two features an enhanced dual-core GNSS engine with 240 channels capable of tracking L1/L2 frequencies from the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BeiDou constellations. The GNSS engine supports Trimble RTX correction services, including CenterPoint RTX and RangePoint RTX, delivered worldwide via L-Band satellite. The MB-Two combined with CenterPoint RTX delivers centimeter-level positioning without requiring a local base station or VRS network.


Dead-reckoning receiver

High performance, uninterrupted positioning for vehicle applications

The S1722DR8 GNSS dead-reckoning receiver, compared to a U.S. penny.

The S1722DR8 GNSS dead-reckoning receiver, compared to a U.S. penny.

The S1722DR8 GNSS dead-reckoning receiver integrates a three-axis gyroscope/accelerometer and barometric pressure sensor with a GNSS receiver. Using wheel speed data from a vehicle, the S1722DR8 achieves 100-percent coverage. It can be flexibly mounted in any orientation, and does not have to be placed horizontally as do conventional dead-reckoning solutions that use a single-axis gyroscope. Its auto-calibration feature simplifies installation, while the short calibration time upon first use improves the user experience. The barometric pressure sensor provides highly accurate altitude information, which is useful for differentiating floor levels of multi-story parking garages or stacked highways.The S1722DR8 measures 17 x 22 millimeters. It offers continuous navigation even in GPS-signal-denied environments such as tunnels or underground parking lots.

SkyTraq Technology,


Rover radio

Data link for GNSS/RTK and precise positioning

HX-DU1603-ROVER-RADIOThe HX-DU1603D rover radio is an advanced, high-speed, Bluetooth-enabled wireless data link designed for GNSS/RTK (real-time kinematic) surveying and precise positioning. It is a lightweight, ruggedized UHF receiver for digital radio communications between 410 and 470 MHz in either 12.5- kHz or 25-kHz channels, which can be widely used in GNSS/RTK surveying and GNSS precise positioning systems. The HX-DU1603D is equipped with a Bluetooth transceiver for cable-free communications with external devices. It features an internal, rechargeable battery for ease of use and portability that allows long operational hours. Its display screen and buttons can be used to configuration parameters such as frequency, protocols, power display, serial port baud rate and air baud rate. By deploying the technology, users can instantly communicate with GNSS precise positioning receivers that share the same protocols throughout the world. The rover radio HX-DU1603D joins the line of Harxon products that include 25W base radio HX-DU8602T with simplex and 35W base radio HX-DU8608D with Duplex.


3D modeling software

Accurate point clouds from images

3D-Model-of-small-object-with-eyesMap3D-OEyesMap3D generates accurate 3D models and point clouds, measured directly from images. It allows users to create high-density points clouds with textures achieving a realistic 3D model appearance. It is able to measure accurately on the images to generate true orthophotos, and geo-reference and scale the results. eyesMap3D users can use their cameras, mobile phone or camera drone to capture images. The program is compatible with most popular software packages on the market. The goal of maker eCapture is to allow the user to easily generate and work with 3D models and photogrammetric tools, while maintaining data quality.